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Starting a Nylon production business in Nigeria is very profitable. This is actually a business anybody can venture into and start making some real profits. Nylon production business is quite profitable. The demand for Nylon in Nigeria is really on the high side due to the many uses of nylon such as shopping, packaging, bagging, etc.

Furthermore, Nylon production process actually begins with the raw material (B.A.S.F or Escorene or Dow) being poured first into the heating and melting unit of the extruder machine. After that it is then blown under pressure through a medium after it has first been transformed into the liquid state. Then it is cooled, producing polythene sheets which later become converted to bales ready for cutting and sealing.


Types of Polythene Bags in Nigerian Market

1.    High density polythene nylon bags: This particular one is the commonly used ones due to their many qualities such as strength, versatility, and durability. The high density polythene nylon bags are commonly used as garbage bags, for packaging, also in pharmaceuticals, as disposables, etc.


2.    The low density polythene nylon bags: This particular one is mainly used for water sealing, clothes packaging, bread packaging, food wrapping, etc.


Furthermore, before you venture into nylon production business in Nigeria there are things you must first consider.

1.    Acquire the experience: Before you venture into the Nylon production business you need to take out time to learn everything you can about the business. You need to take out some time to work in a good and reputable nylon production industry for some period in other to gain some useful experience and develop yourself. Another ways you can develop yourself is by attending seminars and trade workshops. You can still source for advice from people who are in the nylon production business.

2.    Look for capital: The capital needed for the business will depend on the size or scale and scope of the operation. If you don’t have a lot of money you may want to consider obtaining loans to generate the start-up capital. Capital is needed to cover expenses such as land purchase or lease, labour, equipment’s, electricity and generator, and other additional expenses. For the equipment you will need about #16,000,000 for the machines if you want to get them imported, or #8,000,000 if you want to get the locally made one. To actually venture into nylon production business in Nigeria you will need to have a budget of #10,000,000 to #30,000,000.

3.    Get a very good Land: You really need to secure a very good land that will accommodate your nylon production plant. You can locate your nylon production plant close to your source of raw materials and market in other to cut back on transportation expenses. On the other hand, you will really need a space that is big enough to contain all the machines for the nylon production.


4.    You need hire workers: You will need to hire some workers for the whole nylon production process. First and foremost you need to get the services of good engineers to help with the installation of the machines. You will also need sales executives, machine operators, product managers, truck drivers, etc. Just make sure you recruit very experienced hands into your nylon production business.


5.    You need to carryout a market survey: Before you venture into the nylon production business it is very important you carry out a proper market survey to actually determine who your target market is.


The following groups can make up the target market for your nylon production business; Traders, Schools, Pharmacies, Water production companies, Eateries and restaurants, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Bakeries, Laundry, Fashion stores, etc.


Some things you will need


The raw materials: The raw materials needed for the nylon production business are all by-products of petroleum such as Dow, Escorene. Others include Master Berg and A.S.F.


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