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Scent leaf farming is a very profitable agricultural business. The good thing is that it can be done in any region of Nigeria because the environment conditions of the country are favorable. The scent leaf is called Daidoya in Hausa, Nchanwu in Igbo, and Efirin in Yoruba. Scent leaf is an important vegetable in Nigeria used in the preparation of many delicacies like Ofe Akwu, pepper soup, and yam porridge. 

The major aim of this article is to guide you on the step by step on how to start scent leaf farming business here in Nigeria. This article will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance you need to start scent leaf farming in Nigeria.


How profitable is scent leaf farming in Nigeria

Without been told vegetable farming is very lucrative in Nigeria most especially when you indulge in dry season vegetable farming. In 2016 the United Kingdom made contact with the Anambra state government to supply scent leaf. It really shows that scent leaf is not only consumed locally but you can also export the vegetable. Apart from the use of this vegetable as a spice, you can also sell it cottage industries.

Furthermore, fresh extracts of the scent leaf vegetable can be sold to herbal hospitals that rely on the product for treating their patients. Scent leaf is a major component of insecticides as they help to ward off insects. There are actually a lot ways to market your scent leaf vegetable here in Nigeria but you have to be in the business first.


You can decide to sell your scent leaf vegetable in the open markets, also supply it to restaurants, hotels or even package them for export. Whichever method you adopt there is assurance of making a good profit from the scent leaf production business.  

The requirements for starting scent leaf farming business here in Nigeria

The following are the requirements for starting scent leaf farming business in Nigeria:

1.    Draft out a well-detailed scent leaf farming business plan: If you are considering venturing into commercial scent leaf farming you need a well detail business plan. You don’t actually need a business plan to cultivate scent leaf in your backyard garden for personal consumption.  It is within your business plan that you are going to have your financial projections, SWOT analysis, market research, marketing strategy, etc. Actually it is very risky to venture into commercial scent leaf farming business in Nigeria without a good business plan. With the business plan you can access government agricultural loans, by getting capital for the business. Without been told there is no private investor that will consider your scent leaf production business if you don’t have a business plan. Having a business plan is very important in starting commercial scent leaf farming.


2.    Land preparation: If you want to select a farmland for your scent leaf production business make sure you go for swampy areas. The soil for planting should be loamy and rich in organic matter for optimal growth and development of the scent leaf. Commercial scent leaf cultivation really requires a large expanse of land, however you can start with at least five plots of land. Later you can expand your scent leaf business from there. After selecting a good farmland for your scent leaf production business, the next thing to do is to till and plow the ground. The tiling is to improve the planting of the scent leaf by allowing the root to easily gain access into the ground.


3.    The planting of the scent leaf: The planting of scent leaf is not different from the way they plant other vegetables like eggplant, ugu, spinach, etc. It is the same way you go about planting your scent leaf vegetable. It is really more profitable to plant scent leaf so that you can supply during the dry season. If you can really carrying out your scent leaf cultivation business between September and March, you will make a lot of money. What you need to really do is to ensure that there is adequate irrigation system when carrying out the dry season scent leaf farming business.


4.    Pest and disease control in scent leaf: One of the major challenge in starting and earning good money from scent leaf farming business in Nigeria is pest and disease control. If you can really carry out a proper pest and disease control in your scent leaf farm, you are good to go. Just make sure you seek for human-friendly pesticides that will help you to control the attack of pests on your scent leaf farm.


5.    Marketing your scent leaf: Actually it is not just enough to produce wonderful and fresh scent leaf vegetables, you also need to have a well-organized way of marketing it. If you don’t have a good marketing strategy your scent leaf will likely be spoiling in your farm. You need to really have a good marketing strategy in other to make a high profit in your scent leaf business.

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