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Actually in any juice you take it is the liquid content that makes up the fresh juices. Fruit juices are full of many health benefits and is one of the most loved drinks in demand in the country today. These juices are made out of fresh fruits, whether it is orange, or apple, or even pineapple, all these fruits can easily be manufactured or produced into fresh juices which serve as a huge source of nutrients to the entire body system.

Furthermore, most fresh juices are all round nutritional drinks that are taken either during relaxation, or even at parties. Our regular Chivita, 5Alive and so many others are examples of fresh fruit juices in the country right now and the demand of these products in Nigeria is really high.
Without been told fresh juice business is lucrative and is a very rewarding business. Fresh juice business is a business that can serve as a means of getting some little income. The capital involve to start the business is not too expensive, just few products are needed. Fresh juice business is a business that has a great potential, you can really make good returns from the production.

The key to succeed in this business is knowing the target market. As you are planning to introduce your product to the public, it is very important you carry out a proper research in your locality to find out where fresh fruit juice is best sold. This will really help you to place your product at the most viable target points, either malls or shops, or any other location you want. And again knowing about the competition in the business is also very important. Below are the steps on how to start juice production business in Nigeria;

     1. Choose or pick an area of concentration: We all known that fresh juices are mostly produced from fresh fruits, in this junction you have to pick the fruit in which you want to specialize in.

     2. Draft a business plan: Writing a business plan is necessary. After picking the area you want to concentrate on, you have to draft a plan which will include things needed for the business, how you intend to market it, how you intend to start slow and expand it later and also how to raise capital for the business.

      3. Acquire the necessary knowledge and experience needed: You need to acquire enough information about the business and possible ways to stand out. To actually have a unique product you need good information and better experience. To get information and Knowledge about the business you can go online and get the needed information or visit YouTube and watch videos on different ways in which you can produce a unique juice.

     4. The raw materials needed and where you can find them: The major raw materials needed are fruits which is the most important raw material as the juice to be produced comes from the fruits. Sweeteners are also needed, this is an important part of most fruit juices and sugar is mainly used. And again preservatives are also one of the important raw materials needed, this will help the juice lasts for a long period of time without spoilage. The most common preservatives are citric acids, sodium benzoate and sodium metabisulphate. Make sure that the preservatives are healthy for consumption before using them.

      5. Purchase your equipment: This is the area where you will invest most of your capital. You need to purchase juice extractor for the juice making or production. This juice extractor is use in extracting the liquid contents from the fruits. Also you need to purchase bottles and probably a label. All these can be purchased in the market.

     6. Choose a good location for the business: Actually a business like fruit juice business needs a place that is close to the public, a place with a lot of human traffic. You can choose a location that is close to a major road network or a business area of the city or a market that really has a high patronage. Try and make sure the area you want to locate your business is well accessible and is attractive with very neat surroundings, and the area must be highly secure with good electricity supply. Also make sure that your location is not too far from where you get supplies, this will really help you to reduce costs on delivery of raw materials.

      7. The capital needed for the business: To start a fruit juice business in Nigeria you might need at least #150,000. This amount of money will cover all the raw materials that need to be purchased and also the equipment’s, and the necessary registrations to be made and the promotion of the business.

     8. The registration of business name: Juice production business is like any other business that needs to be registered. The business need to be registered under (CAC) corporate affairs commission.

     9. Promotion and advertising the business: You can start by visiting local outlets around your area and inform them about your juice business. You can also promote your juice business in social media networks like Facebook and twitter.

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