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Fruits really have a lot of health benefits. Fruits actually provide a good amount of energy and nutrients for the functioning of our body system. Actually fruits are consumed ripe, cooked, raw, or even roasted for their nutritional value and dietary fibers. According to health practitioners fresh fruits are really low in calories and fats, and they largely contain high volume of water.

Starting a fruit business in Nigeria can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way. In Nigeria today the largest fruit market is in mile 12 and there is another fruit market in Ketu jakande. These two fruit markets are in Lagos. In this 2 market you are rest assured of buying different types of fruits of your choice at whole sale prices. Some of the major fruits in Nigeria are pawpaw, pears, mango, orange, cherry, banana, water melon, pineapple, cucumber, apple, etc.

How to invest your capital in Fruit business in Nigeria

The following are the steps on how to invest your capital in fruit business in Nigeria;

      1. Rent a shop in a good location: To start a fruit business in Nigeria you need to rent a shop in a very good location. Make sure the location is an environment where many people pass by on a daily basis.

     2. Purchase a mini freezer: In this business you actually need a mini freezer to cool your fruit because some customers like cold fruits that has already been sliced.

    3. Purchase some disposable plates: These disposable plates will be used to package the fruit in the freezer for your customers to buy.

    4. Buy some tooth pick: Some of your customers will need tooth pick when they buy fruits from you.

    5. A table is needed to display the unsliced fruits: You can get a good carpenter to construct a table for you.

Furthermore, if you can set up the business properly, the next thing is to see your profit growing. All the cost you incur in purchasing the products and the profits you want to make in the business will be determine by your selling price. Don’t forget that your selling price must not be too high because there are a lot of competitors every in the business.
Like I said earlier, if you are in Lagos the largest fruit markets where you can buy whole sale prices is in mile 12 and Ketu jakande. If you have all the necessary things in place, with #50,000 you can starting buy fruits wholesale to sale in your shop.

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