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If you love soya milk so much and you want to learn how to make it, you are on the right place. On this article we are going to look at the step by step on how to make soya milk. Without been told soya milk is a refreshing drink that is really high in protein. Soya milk is also an alternative to cow milk which people mostly drink. Actually this refreshing drink (soya milk) is made from soya beans which can be found in most Nigerian markets. 

This drink is not that expensive, that is why you won’t really find it difficult when buying it anytime you want to drink it. Soya milk can be taken with snacks and you will be very satisfied. This drink can also be taken after a meal which is actually a great start to keep your protein intake high. Let us now look at how you can make your own soya milk.

The following are the ingredients needed to make soya milk;

1.    You need about 1-3 cups of soya beans (Although it depends on the quantity you want to make).

2.    About three cooking spoon of sugar (Just make sure you taste it till you get the taste of your choice)

3.    About four litres of water and one cap of vanilla flavor.

The following are the tools needed for making soya milk

          1. You need blender

         2. You need a cooking spoon

         3. You need a pot and bowl and also a sieve.

The following are the step by step on how to make soya milk;

         1. Start by soaking the amount of soya beans you want to make in water and leave it overnight. Make sure you don’t allow it stay too long in the water so that it will not ferment and smell. You can allow it to soak for about 8-10 hours. Actually this will make it soft and easy when grinding it.

        2. On the following day you will notice that the beans has all swollen up and soft, then what you need to do is to rub the soya beans a little so as to remove the chaff.

        3. If you are rubbing the soya beans make sure you add water and sieve out continuously until the chaff is all out and then keep the bean aside.

        4. You have to get the blender ready, just put the soya beans into the blender, and then pour water into the blender, water that will cover the soya beans and then blend.

       5. Immediately after blending, strain the blend with a sieve into the pot and then assist it a bit using the cooking spoon by making some moves on it with your hands in other to make sure all the juice drop into the pot.

       6. For now your soya milk is half ready.

       7. You have to still put the pot containing the soya milk on a medium heat and then stir.

       8. Once the soya milk is about fifteen minutes on the heat, you can add the vanilla flavor to the pot containing the soya milk and then stir it more for about five minutes.

       9. You can now off the heat and allow the soya milk to cool.

      10. You have to sieve the soya milk again for the final time in other to remove any remaining chaff or particle so that it will give you that smooth taste.

      11. Finally you can now package it into small cans or bottle.

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