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Starting crayfish business in Nigeria is really profitable because everybody eat crayfish in one way or the other except for some few individuals like the vegetarians and some religious persons who doesn’t. Crayfish are small animals from the crustacean family. Crayfish are used for spicing or seasoning food, it is really high in protein. In Nigeria and all over the world there has been an increase in the demand for Crayfish.

Most of our brothers and sisters in diaspora demand so much for crayfish. The demand for crayfish in the diaspora has helped in building our exportation strength and it has added to the list of things we sent.

Where to buy crayfish
A lot of people are saying that crayfish is very cheap in Akwa Ibom State, but this is not completely true. If you compare the price of crayfish in places like Ondo and Ogun you will discover that the crayfish sold in in Akwa Ibom State is on the high side, although quality is what distinguishes them. The crayfish from Akwa Ibom State is of high quality (very tasty), sand free and with less dirt.
Furthermore, you can purchase as many bags as you wish because they have them in surplus and you can also go to Cameroun to buy since is not too far from the state (Akwa Ibom State) in other to satisfy your customers when there is shortage. Some of the places to buy from are; Oron, Ibaka and Ibeno. Oron in Akwa Ibom State has the biggest crayfish market. A lot of people from different places go there to buy.

Places where you can sell your crayfish

The following are the places where you can make sells of your crayfish business and make a lot of profits:

     1. Open market

     2. Fast food

     3. Road side local food bar's

     4. Hotels

     5. Online (Internet)

     6. Offices

     7. Dormitories

     8. Restaurant

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