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Without been told honey is an organic natural sugar alternative. Honey is really a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. Honey is a sweetener that can be used just as it is to spread on bread. Naturally, honey is known as something very sweet.

Selling honey in Nigeria is very simple and very profitable and it is very easy to start, this is a business anyone can make a lot of money from.
Furthermore, the demand for honey in Nigeria is high because of the daily consumption. Honey is actually the only food that lasts for a life time, what this simply means is that it’s never get spoilt, honey has a natural preservative that keeps it for a longer period of time.

How to really make money from honey
If you really want to make a lot of money from doing this business you have to buy your honey from a genuine source because if you have bad honey out there that can be dangerous to health. In this business the quality of the honey you sell will determine how your market will grow, so it is really better you buy your honey from the original bee keepers than buying from the open market.
You have to carry out a good research on how and where to get an original honey. As at the time of writing this article 10 liters of original honey is about #8,000 to #10,000 while 5liters is about #4,000 and #5,000. Actually the amount really depends on where you are buying from. One thing is that you will surely sell it more than the amount you buy it and people will buy it.

How to really recognize original Honey

      1. Just take a little honey with your finger then try two or three drops on the ground, If the honey is original it will go down like a thread into the ground.

     2. Normally real original honey does not spread into the ground, it just rolls like a ball.

     3. You can add a little honey on a matches stick and strike it, normally real original honey will catch fire like fuel.

    4. You can put a little honey into a glass and then add water, if the honey then goes to the bottom of the cup without mixing up with the water, it simply means the honey is an original honey.

Packaging your honey for sale
In this kind of business packaging and branding is very important. Make sure you use a very attractive and catchy colors and names to attract your customer’s attention. Also your branded name and packaging materials must be genuine. The honey can be packaged in both plastic and bottles depending on the one you prefer, just make sure it is very cute and appealing.

Marketing and promotion

In this business good marketing is very important. You can start by giving your neighbors a sample of your honey to have a taste of it. You can also visit places like; Mosques, Supermarkets, Offices, School, Hotels, Hospitals, Churches and Public Places.
Venturing into this business is very profitable if it is done in a proper way.

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