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A proper study has shown that frozen food business in Nigeria is becoming more lucrative day by day. The high demands for frozen food is boosted by the increased busy lifestyle of most Nigerian families, most especially the middle class. In the rural parts of Nigeria fresh foods are available, but the story is not actually the same in urban areas in Nigeria. People living in the urban area have no choice than to go for frozen foods. A frozen chicken goes for a minimum of #650. The prize can even be more than #1000 depending on the size and location. You can now see that the business is very profitable. 

To start a frozen food business in Nigeria there are some things that you need to put into consideration. The business actually has some level of risk. Currently in Nigeria the problem of electricity experienced can also add up to the cost of running the business, which means if you are setting up the business here in Nigeria you really need to consider this factor very carefully. If everything is done properly you are sure of good patronage and constant profit. There are some frozen foods stores in Nigeria that make up to #200,000 profits every month.

The following are the requirements to start a frozen foods business in Nigeria;

      1.  Create a business plan: Normally every business must have a plan no matter how small the business looks. As you are planning the business a lot of things will come into play. This is actually the period you have to carry out a thorough feasibility study regarding the business. Keep in mind that there is competition everywhere in the business. A lot of people are already in the business before you and people are still planning to enter into the business. So your general business plan should involve all that will be needed for the business from its take-off time until it grows gradually to a big business. You can seek for professional advice. Or you can look for an existing progressive person in the frozen foods business and make inquiries.

      2. Look for capital for the business: Raising capital for the frozen foods business is the most important aspect in the business especially if you want a one-man business. Every business in Nigeria actually needs capital to start and the scale you start from is determined by the amount of capital available to you. There are different means you can source for capital. Don’t forget that in this business there are certain costs to be incurred as the business progresses. Apart from the fact that you need to purchase some equipment’s and the refrigerators needs to be stocked with a lot goods, you also need some money for maintenance and running cost. These are the things you really need to put into consideration while raising your startup capital.

     3. You have to decide on your product line: The food items that can be sold frozen are many, you have to choose the ones to start with. Poultry products and seafood appear to be in greater demand than fruits. It is really advisable to start with the ones that are more in demand before expanding to various types.

     4. Choose a suitable location for the business: Without been told some business thrive more in certain locations because of the level of consumption of the product involved. You really need to study the environment where you actually want to situate the business and you must be able to forecast what the turnover of the business will look like in a year or two. If the profit in the business is extremely bad you can reconsider using another location that may be more suitable for your frozen food business. Normally business does not make huge profit in the first two years of inception because of the initial costs incurred. Although if it is a business that will succeed, the glimpse of survival will be seen within months of its establishment. This simply means that you don’t need to be in haste to dismiss the location of your business because the business is not performing the way you expected in the first few months of starting.

      5. Joining the relevant Association: In Nigeria almost every business line has an association that oversees it affairs. You need to register with the appropriate body for security reasons and advise. Joining association also serves as a protection for the business because it keeps you abreast of what is happening within your sector. There are some association that can even provide credit facilities for their members if there member need financial assistance.

    6. Equipment’s for the business: The following are the equipment’s needed for the business; Cartons of food to be sold, Aprons, Chairs, table, Chisel, Knives (small and big), generator, Cabinet, Waste bin, Wooden boards, Freezer, Bowls or buckets, Water container, Fan/air conditioner.

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