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A lot of people don’t actually know that exercising is fun even though it is not compulsory. A lot of people also think that exercise is only meant for the big sized people. Actually exercise can make someone to be physically and mentally fit.

Starting a fitness business in Nigeria can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way. Actually a fitness business is a business that is aimed at providing personal training, fitness instruction, and also it can be the use of a fitness facility to those interested in living a healthy life and pursuing their own fitness goals. In this business you don’t need to be a professional fitness trainer to start the business, although you really need to have interest in fitness and the willingness to adopt a fitness lifestyle. To really succeed in this business you need to have the interest and willingness to adopt a fitness lifestyle.

There are 2 major types of fitness services which are personal training and Fitness instruction.

    1. Fitness instruction: A fitness instructor is the one that guide groups through a variety of classes, which includes kickboxing, aerobics, step and strength training. If a fitness instruction is your desired approach, you need to choose one or more classes you are comfortable with. To actually start a business in fitness instruction, you need to have a facility where you can teach your group class. 
    2. Personal training: Personal trainers work one on one with the client to create fitness plans specific to the client’ needs. What the trainer does is that he coaches the client through strength training to get the most out of workouts. Actually as a personal trainer, you can just decide to run your fitness business from your home, travel to clients’ homes, or you can meet them at a specific fitness and exercise center.

How to start a Fitness Business in Nigeria

1.    Choose a business name: Just make sure you choose something creative, a simple, short and easy to pronounce name.

2.    Create a marketing strategy: You need to carry out a proper research on the targeted area you plan on working in. Doing this will help you determine how you will reach out to your desired client base and what you will offer that will really make them choose you over other competitors around.

3.    Charges: You have to also decide what you will be charging your clients, and also what type of contract or commitment you will require.

4.    Advert placement: You need to place your advert on strategic locations.

5.    The Gym department: Actually setting up a fitness center also includes the gym aspect.  If your business plan involves setting up a gym or fitness center, which means you will be responsible for managing an entire facility and for hiring personal trainers and fitness instructors also you will need to purchase gym equipment.

6.    Prepare your Budget: You really need to do a thorough calculation of what your startup capital costs, advert fees, marketing fees, and monthly expenses will be. After that do a projected income analysis, by listing what you expect to bring in when you first start and what you expect it to bring in over time, then decide on the gym equipment you will purchase.

7.    Location for the business: Actually it will really be of advantage to you if you can establish your fitness business in a high profile area and easy accessible location, because people who live in that kind of environment are more exposed and they will be ready to pay money on keeping fit than those who live in the low profile area.
The following are the list of gym equipment’s you need;

-         - Magnetic Bike
-         - Jump Rope
-        -  Stepper Board
-         - Elliptical Orbitrac with seat and stepper,
-         - Round dumbbell
-        -  Manual Treadmill
-         - Elliptical Orbitrac with seat
-         - Chrome dumbbell 4.0kg 
-         - Motorized Treadmill with massager, twister and Dumbell
-         - Elliptical Orbitrac with seat

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