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Venturing into the sales of building materials in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that can make you plenty of money any time of the year. Building materials business is a business that is not really affected by any season or time, also the business is an all-round business venture. Without been told building materials sells very fast here in Nigeria and a lot entrepreneurs that are really into the business are making good money in the business due to the current boom in real estate business here in Nigeria.

Furthermore, in Nigeria today houses are springing up everywhere, even at every corner and all over the cities and villages in the country. In Nigeria everybody wants to have his own house, a place he can really call his own. All these are the major reasons why building materials is selling very fast and with good profit in return. Actually starting a building materials business in Nigeria is a very good idea, is a business that you will never regret.

The following are the steps on how to start building materials business in Nigeria;

      1. Select the areas you want to focus: This business is so diverse. Building materials are too many for any single merchant to deal on all of them at a time. There is need for you to select where you want to focus. Focus is very important because it will enable you to get strong and make profitable in the business. Choosing a particular niche will make you become an expert in that niche and everybody will know you as an experienced person in that sector.

     2. Secure a good location for the business: A good location is very important in the business. Your location will depend on the kind of building materials you are dealing on. For example, building materials like cement is best located near a new and developing area.

      3. Get a place: You can either secure an open ground, shop or warehouse depending on the type of building materials you really want to deal on. If you are dealing on materials like Iron, it does not require a shop or warehouse in most cases, but you need to get an office for transaction.

     4. Find a supplier: In Nigeria there are different suppliers in virtually all the building materials used. You have to look for suppliers that will work well for you and negotiate a deal with them. Actually the importance of having a regular supplier cannot be over emphasized. In this business if you are a reliable person and a trustworthy person your supplier can even supply you goods and come for the money later, this will really help you in the business most especially if you are trading with limited funds.

     5. Marketing and promotion: One of the great mistakes most building material dealers do is that they wait for the buyers to come to them. Although buyers do come, but it is better if you can really reach out to the buyers. This will really help to eliminate the chances of them going elsewhere, don’t forget that you are not the only supplier. You can create a chance to meet with building owners or contractors and then offer them your deal face to face.

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