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A lot of people actually think that to make shoe polish is very difficult.  On this article you are going to learn how to produce shoe polish here in Nigeria. You can also produce the shoe polish and put it in the market for sell to make more money.

The following are the raw materials needed to produce shoe polish in Nigeria;

     1. You need vegetable oil or palm kernel oil.

     2. You need bar soap.

     3. You need candle wax.

     4. You need paraffin oil.

     5. You need charcoal or ordinary black( this is if black-color is needed)

     6. You need brown color (this is if brown color is needed)

     7. You need paraffin oil.

Below are the steps by step on how to make shoe polish;

      1. You need to melt all these together at the same time; 10 kilogram of oil (p.k.o), 5kiogrammes of candle wax, 5kilograme of bar soap.

      2. After that, you need to add 5kg charcoal or ordinary coal and 10litres of paraffin oil. Actually the duration of the settlement of the mixture depends on the quality of the oil used. The production process is applicable to all color.

     3. You can now package it for use or for sale.

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