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From time immemorial bread has actually been one of the major food staple. Every household in Nigeria loves bread, even most families in Nigeria eat bread more than once every day and the bread is eaten in various forms with different spices. That is why venturing into bread distribution business in Nigeria is one of the most ideal small businesses to start right now.

Furthermore, in Nigeria there is hardly any religion group or tribal group that doesn’t eat bread, therefore starting this business simply means you are dealing in product that is in high demand, and whatever profit you are making from it is going to be a stable profit.
The best bread for supply is slice bread, this is because of its higher quality. The truth is that not everyone eats Agege Bread, although some people like it. But slice bread is really considered as one of the breads with higher quality. Supplying sliced breads gives you quick returns.

The requirements to run Bread supply business in Nigeria

The requirement of starting bread distribution business in Nigeria is very simple and is a requirement anyone can meet up with. This business is one of the cheapest business anyone can start and you don’t really need any further training more than what I’m going to explain here. Below are the requirements to run a bread supply business in Nigeria.

     1. A good customer base: To run a bread supply business in Nigeria you need good customer base. What I really mean is that you need retailers you’ll be supplying to, actually the more retailers you have as your customers, the more bread you will be supplying to them and the more money you will be making in the business.

    2. Get a means of transporting the breads: Actually you need a means of transporting the breads to your customers because in most cases they don’t come to you, you are the one that will go to them to make supply and collect your money. You can get at least a motor-bike for this purpose.

    3. You need to source for good marketable bread: For you to really succeed in this business you need to get a very good product that people love, is not compulsory that you must supplying all the bread brands, one type can be enough but you need to get the one that will be highly acceptable by consumers.

    4. You need to get a shop or offloading point: Before you venture into bread supplying business you need to get a shop or an offloading point.  It is from this offloading point you can now distribute the breads to the retailers. You can also store any remaining bread that you’ve not supplied in this offloading point for future distribution.

    5. Go to the bakery for negotiation: You need to personally go to the bakery to negotiate the franchise, the manager of the bakery will be very happy to do business with you because you are bringing new business to them.

    6. Look for retailers: After getting the exact brand you want to supply, the next thing you need to do is to find the retailers. Start by talking to some provision shop owners and bus-stop bread women. Actually these 2 set of people are really your biggest prospects as far as sliced bread supply business is concerned.

    7. Purchase your supply equipment: Depending on your capital, you can purchase a motor-bike if you have the money. Getting a motor-bike will make your supply so easy and it will help you to reduce over-head costs. If you don’t have the money to purchase a motor-bike you can be paying Okada man to take you round.

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