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Currently in Nigeria Jumia.com is one of the leading retail stores where you can shop the widest selection of home appliances, electronics, fashion, kid’s items and more, and have them shipped directly to your home or office at your convenience. Actually Jumia lets you enjoy an awesome shopping experience with your order sent directly to your doorstep. This company also offer a partnership program called Affiliate program or Affiliate marketing.

What is Jumia Affiliate marketing program?
Jumia Affiliate marketing program is just like any other affiliate marketing that allows webmasters, blog or websites owners promote their products in form of banner or link on their sites and in return receive commission or % for any of the product sold through that means. Most affiliate program compensations are based mainly on pay-per-lead, pay-per-click and pay-per-sale. Actually Jumia affiliate program offer commission based on pay-per-sale. If any customer that is referred by you as an affiliate to jumia purchase a product thirty days after clicking on your affiliate link, you will get a % of price as commission.

How to make money with Jumia Affiliate program
To actually make money from Jumia affiliate program the mathematics is really very simple, if for instance you refer 2000 people to jumia website and out of the 2000, and about 1% referred purchase a product let say a phone worth of twenty thousand. As we know they pay by commission only when people you refer purchase from the website. That is to say that twenty people bought the phone through you. And they pay up to 11% commission, and 11% of 20000 is 2200 x 20 = #44,000 (forty four thousand naira). More sale = more commission = $$$

How do you achieve this?
You need to setup a blog or website. There are 2 types of blog that you can set up. You can set up a free hosted blog or self-hosted blog. You can start a blog website using any of these platforms, blogger or wordpress platform
To setup a free blogger platform visit www.blogger.com and create a free blog website, your website URL will look like this; http://yourname.blogspot.com or Wordpress.com to register a free website to look like http://yourname.wordpress.com. But I will suggest you start with a self-hosted plan for the business and professionalism.
Actually creating free blog is very easy and simple; each of the platforms will guide you through during the signing up and creation of the blog which may last up to 20 minutes. If you have an existing blog with post or article, they will be no need to start a new blog. If you are done, just proceed to jumia to access the partner program page, www.jumia.com.ng/jumia-affiliate.
Just click on sign up for free now!
Fill in your vital information and also make ensure you read their terms and conditions.

JUMIA will review your application; this might take up some hour, sometime a day and after which you will receive an approval email from jumia.com that your application has been accepted.
You can now embed your jumia affiliate link or banner on your websites or blog.
After acceptance, start posting some articles on your blog and embed the unique affiliate link and banner ads provided for you at eye-catching places of your blog. You can also cloak your jumia affiliate links using tinyurl. You can write their in your blog post and embed your jumia affiliate links on the post. If you have an existing blog post, you can go back and embed those jumia affiliate links in them. Do not add those jumia affiliate links to an unrelated post; the topic or subject of the post must be related to what you have on those jumia affiliate links or banners otherwise you Google page ranking will drop down.

You can drive traffic to your blog or website using facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.
Just make sure you write more articles and post them on your blog, insert facebook, twitter, pinterest button on your blog and use them to publish your article on your Facebook, twitter timeline page to attract your friends and others to your blog. Make sure your jumia affiliate links and banners are chosen according to your targeted audience that is those who will buy the jumia products. Make your blog is also search engine friendly.
Furthermore, from the little mathematics I did above, you will really see that you can be making more than one million naira per month just by promoting products from jumia. The success of this online business depends on your hard work.


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