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On this post we are going to discuss how to produce Goya olive oil here in Nigeria. The following are the ingredients needed to produce Goya Olive Oil in Nigeria.

      1. Paraffin Oil: There are actually 2 types of Paraffin Oil, which are White Paraffin Oil and off white Paraffin Oil. The White Paraffin Oil is actually the one you need because it is edible, you can eat this oil.

     2. Color: There are 2 types of colors which are water base color and oil base color. The water base color are colors that can be mix with water, while the oil base color are colors that can be mixed with oil. It is very vital to know the base of the color you are working with.

Steps on how to produce Goya Olive Oil

      1. You need to get up to 1 litter of paraffin oil( although it depends on the quantity you want to produce)

     2. You need to get an oil base color yellow (you need just a pinch of the color – a very little amount just to add a yellowish color)

     3. You can now package for use or for sale. That is all what you need to produce Goya oil here in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the following are the things you can use Goya oil for.

1. Goya olive oil is excellent for salads and for marinating.

2. Goya olive oil is used for religious purposes.

3. Goya olive oil is used for cooking, although is not all Goya olive oil that can be used for cooking because it has a very low smoking point.

The ingredients mention above are what you really need for the production of Goya olive oil and also the step by step you should take in the production.

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