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In Nigeria shawarma business is really a business that can fetch you a lot of money no matter how small or how big you start the business. With this shawarma business you can even create an employment opportunities for people who will work with you, thereby contributing your own quarter to the reduction of unemployment in the country.

Furthermore, shawarma business really has no limit to the profits you can earn from it. Also there is actually no limit to how big it can become. It really all depends on your vision and passion for the business. If the business is done properly you will definitely realize your start-up capital within 3 months.

A lot of people take Shawarma for relaxation, either as light food or snacks. Shawarma really has a delicious taste, which makes it irresistible for a lot people, most especially ladies.
In this business, for you to succeed there are certain things you have to put into consideration. Below are actually the steps you need to follow to start a shawarma business successfully here in Nigeria.

      1. Acquire the experience: Before you start the shawarma business it is very important that you first learn how to prepare a shawarma in a classic and tasty manner. You can acquire this experience either by attending workshop or working in a shawarma spot for at least 1 week in order to gain the experience very well.

     2. Write a business plan: Writing a business plan is very important, this is a guide that will help you determine your capital, it will also help you to identify the weaknesses and strength of the shawarma business.

     3. Get a strategic location: This particular step is one of the most important steps in the business. Actually shawarma business yields an amazing return if it is located in an open place with high pedestrian traffic. Make sure your stand is located by the roadside. The demand for shawarma is really high in strategic and populated location. Another good location is a place that is close to a tertiary institution because university students can't ignore shawarma.

      4. Purchase the necessary equipment’s: You need to purchase the necessary equipment’s for making the tasty snacks. The following are the equipment’s you need to purchase;
-         - Apron
-         - Deep Fryer
-         - Fry Pan
-         - Show Glass
-         - Deep freezer
-         - Pots
-         - Insect Killer
-         -Shawarma Toaster

     5. The business need to be registered: Although is not actually everyone that observe this step. But if you really have a big vision for the shawarma business you can register the business. You can register the business with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

After all these steps you are good to go.  Please don’t forget that in other to become successful in the shawarma business you need to be unique. Try as much as possible to make your shawarma taste great, and also make it look attractive. Also neatness is the key. Try to always practice a good personal and environment hygiene. Also be friendly with your customers.

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