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In Nigeria, footwear business is really a lucrative and profitable business that you can start and make a sustainable income. Almost everybody wears shoes, selling shoes in Nigeria is really a great way to make a legitimate income. Footwear business is a business you can start with a small investment and grow it. Today with the advent of social media, you can really leverage on your online presence to promote your footwear business and make more sales in the business.

Steps on how to start a footwear business in Nigeria

Below are the steps on how to start a footwear business in Nigeria;

     1. You have to choose a name for your footwear business: Actually you need to create a name for your footwear business which will stand as an identity to your business or product. To create a name for the footwear business you can use your name. e.g Justin shoes or you can use any other name of your choice.

    2. Carry out a proper market research: Carrying out a proper market research is very important, this will enable you to identify your potential customers and target market. This market research will also help you to determine whether you want to have a shoe brand for just only men or for only women, or for both, or children as well as other types of shoes. Actually there are loads of books to make this research. Another way to get quick information about shoes is through the internet. You need to write your business plan describing what types of shoes you will sell, also your sales venue, how you will market and promote your business, how you will also fulfill orders and the legal form of your business, such as partnership, sole proprietorship or corporation.

    3. Look for a good shoe designer: You need to look for a good shoe designer if you can’t make shoes. You really need to work with him or her at the factory or wherever to actually design a line of shoes for your brand. Make sure that the products that you have decide to churn out have certain common features like; easy fit, trendy, and a high-fashion look, etc. Ensure that these features are the standard operating features of your brand, this will make it easily recognizable by buyers.

    4. You have to create a good logo: Your footwear can be identified by your customers through your logo. To design a logo you can use canva, or more still hire a graphics designer to create a logo for you.

    5. The manufacturing of the footwear: Actually you can manufacture your footwear in small quantities and then sell them. After selling them you can repeat the cycle again.

    6. You have to choose a price: Make sure you choose prices that resonate with your brand. Do you actually want to sell budget friendly or expensive footwear’s? Just make sure you factor in the cost of production and advertising.

    7. Promote your footwear business on social media: You can run a paid advert on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your footwear business to potential customers.

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