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Venturing into ice block production business in Nigeria is a very profitable business. Ice block production business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria that has change the story of a lot of entrepreneurs.  On this article you are going to get the information and blueprint on how to start a profitable ice block production business in Nigeria.

Because of the erratic and unstable light condition in Nigeria, a lot of ice block sellers are really making money selling ice block. Today a lot of people need ice block for their goods. Most times the hot weather condition in Nigeria has actually made a lot of people want to eat and consume cold drinks, water and creamy foods, this is where ice block plays an important role. The high rate in Nigeria at which people crave for cold foods and drinks has actually make ice block business popular and profitable.

Step by step on how to start ice block production business in Nigeria

       1. Water supply: One of the most important raw materials you need to have in ice block production business is constant clean water supply. The production of ice block is done naturally by freezing water to a very low temperature below zero degree Centigrade, 0°C). Ice block production business really needs a good source of fresh and clean water. This fresh and clean water can be gotten from boreholes, or from any clean source in other to avoid supplying a contaminated ice block to your customers. Before you venture into ice block production you should know that they are 2 types of ice blocks which are the anti freeze and the dry ice. This anti freeze block is the ice block that is moulded with the use of chemicals like ethanol, this makes the ice blocks to mould very quickly than the normal frozen ice blocks, while the dry ice block is the normal ice block that is formed naturally without the use of chemicals, however these particular type of ice block takes longer time to mould.

       2. The ice block making machine: As a beginner into the business you can start off the ice block production by using your deep freezer to make the ice blocks, or you can consider buying an ice block making machine. There is foreign ice block making machine and also locally-made brands. Some of these locally made ice block machines are sold in Ibadan and they are quite durable, although the foreign made ice block making machines are really faster when it comes to the production of ice blocks.

      3. A standby generator: A reliable standby generator that can supply enough power for you to run your ice block making machine effectively is really needed if you actually want to venture into ice block production business in Nigeria. The ice block production business needs constant power supply, you really need to make plans for this before starting off. 

     4. The packaging and branding: A lot of ice block producers in Nigeria usually use transparent polythene bags which really help to hold the ice together during movement and transportation. You can also brand your contact address and your name on the polythene in other to attract more and more customers to the business.

     5. Building customer’s relationship: Don’t forget that you are not the only person in the business of making ice blocks in your locality, there is need for you to maintain a good customer relationship with your customers. You can start by offering some extra added services that your competitors are not offering. Always make sure that your ice blocks arrive on time and your ice block must be of the highest quality.

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