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Starting an exercise book production business in Nigeria is a very profitable business.  In Nigeria exercise book production business has been into existence for a very longtime. Exercise books are one of the most important items every student need in school. This is actually the major reasons why several entrepreneurs in Nigeria went into the production of exercise books. On this article you are going to learn how to venture into exercise book production business in Nigeria.

Steps on how to start exercise books production company in Nigeria

     1. Carryout a proper research: There is need for you undertake some vital research, actually this will help you start out well informed. Your research involve learning about the type of people who are in the business, also how they were able to raise startup funds for the business, which people are they producing the exercise books for, where are they getting the raw materials from, and final how much in general does starting the exercise book production business gulp and what do you have. These are the research you need to carry out.

      2. Become an apprentice: After carryout research about the business you need to become an apprentice to someone who is into the business. You need to become an apprentice to a reputable exercise book production company so that you can really see how things are operated yourself. You will also learn the various dimensions and measurements which are being used.

    3. Write a business plan: Drafting a business plan is very important, this is what is going to help you start and run a successful exercise books production outlet. This is where you may actually require the services of an expert who will help you see that things are put in place. The expert may charge you a little fee for its services. Your business plan must have details like how much you really intend to start the exercise book production business with. The numbers of machines you want to start with and in the future how many you should have grown into. Also the amount of workers you want to start with, as well as future projections.

    4.  Location for the business: This particular business is not something that you can easily pull off at home, because of the noise that comes from the machines used in printing and cutting the papers. To actually cope with such noise in a residential apartment is not easy. If you can actually cope with the noise, then good and fine. But if you cannot you may need to look for a shop or space to start the business from. What you need to do is to look for a realtor and discuss with him/her on the kind of space you want and also the location you want the space to be.

    5. Purchase the necessary equipments: If you have gotten a good place and location for the business you may now proceed to acquire all the machines needed. You need to purchase a cutting machine, a printing machine, and a plant. Also you need some air conditioners or fans so that the space will not be too hot when work is in progress.

    6. Employment of workers: This business is a business you can’t just run all by yourself. It is very important you hire some operators and workers. Just make sure that these people are very experienced so that they do not spoil things for you.

    7. Promoting the business: It is very important that you have solid marketing strategies in place, because there are a lot of exercise books that are already being sold out there. What you need to do is to visit schools to tell them about your product, and you need to also tell some wholesalers in the bookshops as well as the open market about your exercise books. One of the best marketing strategies to penetrate the market is by giving some free copies of the exercise books.

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