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On this article you are going to learn how to make you own liquid toilet cleaner. Actually you don’t really need to keep on buying liquid soap to clean your toilet.

The following are the ingredients and materials you need to produce your own liquid toilet cleaner.

       1. About 1/2 cup of baking soda.

       2. You need about 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap.

       3. About 10 drops of essential oil (this one is optional)

       4. About 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide.

       5. About 1 cup of hot water.

       6. About 1/4 cup of vinegar.

        7. You need a large mixing bowl.

       8. You need measuring cups.

       9. You need a whisk.

      10. You need a funnel.

      11. You need a squeeze bottle.

The directions on how to start:

      1. You need to measure and add the baking soda into a large bowl also along with the liquid castile soap, which you can find at any local health food store around your area.

      2.  If you really like to personalize the scent of your toilet cleaner, you can just add several drops of essential oil. Actually lemon, eucalyptus, orange or rosemary can give the cleaner a lovely scent and they are also anti-bacterial. Make sure you measure and add the hydrogen peroxide to the mixture, which is also a natural whitener.

      3. You can now measure and slowly add the hot water, make sure you stir gently until things are incorporated. You need to add the vinegar. Make sure you continue to stir until the foaming stops.

     4. You have to use a funnel to carefully add the toilet cleaner to a squeeze-top bottle.

To use the liquid toilet cleaner on your toilet, all you have to do is to squeeze the cleaner under the rim of your toilet, and then leave it let it do its job for about 5 to ten minutes. After that give a quick scrub with a toilet bowl brush, and then flush.

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