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The work of a vulcanizer is to pump deflated tyres. The nature of the job might really look small and unattractive, but I want to tell you that most of this vulcanizer you see at the roadsides are really making good money on a daily basis.

This particular business is a business that can be start by any age group (let say 16yrs up). Vulcanizer work does not actually require so much special experience, although you just need to be very careful with tyres of vehicles not to cause undue damage to other vital parts. The following are the step by step hints to succeed as a vulcanizer:

        1. Capital is needed: Compare to other business, the amount needed to start a vulcanizer business is very low. All you really need is about #30,000 to purchase a fairly used machine use in pumping tyres. According to a vulcanizer I interviewed, he said the new machine is about #55,000-#90,000.

      2. Purchase a machine: Like I said earlier after getting the needed capital, the next step is to purchase the machine. Without this machine you cannot start the vulcanize business, because the business itself relies solely on the machine. The machine has different brands in the market which comes with different prices.

      3. Choose a location: Choosing a location is one of the areas any aspiring vulcanizer had to take special caution. You have to choose a location where you will be patronized on a regular basis. You need to go for a spot close to major roads, highways.

      4. Purchase a good filter: If you are purchasing a filter make sure you purchase a hole free one so that it will not cause you undue delay when pumping tyres.

     5. Power supply: There was a vulcanizer I interviewed and he told me that there are some new machines that comes with an inbuilt generator which propels it to pump out needed air. Just try and lay your hand on a brand with an inbuilt generator in other to run the business effectively.

     6. Acquiring the skills: Vulcanizer work is one of the businesses that do not really need months or years to learn. Two weeks can even be enough to become a trained vulcanizer.

    7. Get a wide plastic: A wide plastic is needed to wash the tube of the tyres. Don’t forget to always fill the plastic with water. The tube of the tyres has to be dipped in the water on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance and long life.

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