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Venturing into eggs distribution business in Nigeria is a very lucrative and profitable business. This poultry eggs can be distributed to buyers that has shops in Nigeria. In Nigeria today eggs are largely consumed by a wide range of people and organizations ranging from restaurants, hotels, families, events, and individuals. Also in the production of most baked snacks, eggs are normally used in the manufacturing process, making the demand for eggs in Nigeria to increase.

Furthermore, this business is all about the supplying of eggs from poultry farms to shops owners in Nigeria on a daily, weekly, and monthly recurring basis. These supplies are usually in hundreds, and more commonly thousands, although it also depends ultimately on the size, demand, and the financial capability of the customers.

Some of the benefits of Egg distribution business

      1. The business is easy to startup and to operate.

      2. The business is a low-cost business idea.

      3. The business does not actually require advanced tooling or special skills.

      4. The business can really create a weekly recurring income stream.

      5. Eggs itself are a great source of protein.

Steps on how to start Egg distribution business in Nigeria

      1. You need to search for a reliable farm that produces large egg volumes: To start Egg distribution business in Nigeria you need to start by searching for a reliable poultry farm where you can easily get a large volume supply of eggs on a daily basis.

      2. You need to raise capital for the business: Egg distribution business in Nigeria needs capital to start.

      3. You need to reach out to several prospective customers: You need to really build your supply chain by reaching out to prospective clients who have a high chance of making a weekly recurrent purchase from you. These can be hotels, restaurants, boarding schools, etc.

      4. You need to setup a storage facility and acquire the required equipment: Secure a space that will act as a storage facility. You also need to purchase a delivery van or find the one you can lease at a very affordable cost.

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