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A lot of barbing saloon and homes in Nigeria use aftershave. Aftershave comes in form of liquid and it is mainly found in men’s bathrooms. This product can be applied on the skin after shaving. Aftershave is a liquid product that gives a soothing and scenting feeling on the skin after shaving by men. Without been told shaving is actually an important activity done by men.

Shaving is also an important beauty regime which a lot of men do on a daily basis. Most men cannot actually do without aftershave cream, balm or lotion. This aftershave cream is applied after shaving in other to prevent bumps or rashes from appearing on the face that is freshly shaved. Aftershave cream also enhances healthy hair growth for men.

Furthermore, a lot of local barbing saloons in Nigeria demand for this product on a daily basis. Starting a small scale production of this product (aftershave) can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way.

The strategies to make the product (aftershave) successful

The price of the product: The price of the product should be reasonable so as to gain market share easily. Don’t forget that high price can drive away potential customers and also note that all production cost should be factored into your pricing strategy, so that you don’t make a loss after launching the product.

Testing the product: Before you actually launch the product you need to conduct series of test to be sure that the product works very fine. Try as much as possible to carry out series of research on how you can improve on the product and also how to make the product one of the best in the market.

The quality of the product: Try and make sure the product is of good quality. Quality products produce goodwill and customers will always be coming back for the products.

Marketing the product: The sales of a product can remain dormant if awareness is not created. You need to make people to be aware about your product before they can buy it. To put it in a simple way marketing means advertising.

The following are the materials needed to produce aftershave in Nigeria;

        1. About 4½ Liters of methanol

       2. About ¼ Liter of phenol

       3.  A  Sachet of menthol

      4. About ¼ Liter of perfume. This act as scent

      5. About 2½ Liters I.P.A 

      6. Color to make it attractive.

The following are the step by step on how to produce aftershave in Nigeria;

       1. You need to dissolve the Menthol in the Methanol.

      2. You need to mix the solution together with IPA.

      3. After that add the phenol and blend very well.

      4. Then add perfume.

     5. After that add color.

     6.  Lastly, package with label.

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