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Without been told our skin really needs proper care and attention. One of the major functions of body cream is to protect and nourish the body against the abrasive condition of our environments.

Body cream, lotions and other skin care products can be use to maintain and repair damage skin and it will also make the skin to have good appearance. Acquiring the knowledge on how to produce body cream can transform you into a mega millionaire if you actually plan to follow it as a dream. On this article you are going to learn how to produce body cream here in Nigeria.

The following are the equipments used in manufacturing body cream;

      1. A weighing scale

      2. A Stirrer

      3. Heater

      4. Mixing chamber

      5. Thermometer

The following are the quantity and materials used in the production of body cream;

     1. About 5 mls of methy paraben.

     2. About 3 mls of emulsifying wax (crude).

     3. About 0.2 grams of Propylparabe Stearic-acid.

     4. About 3 mls of Propylene glycol.

     5. About 81 mls of water.

     6. About 3 grams of Cetyl Alcohol.

     7. Adding colorant.

     8. About 0.1 grams of mineral oil.

     9. A desired amount of fragrance.

     10.  About 5 grams of jelly.

The procedures and process

1. You have to mix number 1-5 together in a heating chamber.

2. After the mixing, then heat until the mixture reaches around 75 0 C.

3. You have to also mix number 6-8 together in a heating chamber.

4. You have to turn on the heat until the mix is about 75 0 C.

5. Then you have mix both phase with continuous stirring, make sure you turn off the heat.

6. Then add perfume and color as desired, when the temperature drops to about 40 0 C.

7. Lastly package it for market sells.

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