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Most homes in Nigeria use insecticides for different purpose, actually insecticides are used to kill insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. Insecticides are used to kill mosquitoes to avoid malaria sickness which is caused by mosquitoes.

The outbreak of malaria in Nigeria as a result of mosquitoes has led to the high demand of insecticides, making it an opportunity for anybody who wants to make cool money producing insecticides. What you actually need to succeed is branding and marketing.
On this article you are going to learn how to produce insecticide either for personal use or commercial purpose. The following are the materials needed to produce insecticides in Nigeria;

      1. About 10 liters of Kerosene/Naphtha (Fuel).

      2. About 1 liter of DDVP. This is an active ingredient.

      3. About 1/3 kg of industrial camphor.

      4. About ¼ kg of calypso oil (optional). Act as microbial agent.

      5.  About 1 liter of formalin. Act as preservative.

      6.   ⅛ Kg of perfume. Act as scent.

      7.  Adding color (optional).

Furthermore, you can actually mix water and kerosene or petrol to form the base of the insecticides, if you want to do that you will need an emulsifier – TEA (which enables water and oil to mix together) from any cosmetic shops around.
The following are the step by step on how to produce insecticides in Nigeria;

        1. Start by dissolving the camphor with a liter of kerosene/petrol.

       2. You need to mix the DDVP with the remaining kerosene/petrol.

       3. After that blend the dissolved camphor.

       4. Then add perfume.

       5. After that add color.

       6. Make sure you stir very well and then add formalin.

       7. Lastly, package and label it.

Make sure you dissolve the camphor overnight or for 3 hours.

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