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Without been told custard is a treated form of pap. Actually it is the same corn that is used in producing pap that is still used in producing custard powder. A study has shown that custard is more nutritious than pap because of the added nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron.

Furthermore, custard preparation is very easy and it also does not take much time (It is really a fast food to make). Custard is really in high demand and is also one of the best delicacies to the average Nigerian.
The following are the equipment used to produce custard powder; Smaller plastic,  Mixing tank/bowl, Table, Sealer, Big spoon, Custard Nylon, Production Apron, etc.

Below are the raw materials that can be used to produce custard powder;

    1. An edible corn( it can be local or imported from china or Holland)

    2. Any type of flavor (it can be Vanilla, Berries, Banana, etc.)

    3. A concentrated nutrients which can Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, Iron.

The following are the ingredients that can be used for the production of 25kg bag of edible corn starch;

     1. About 25 kg of corn Starch. This is the major ingredient.

     2. About ⅛ kg of flavor. This makes it to have a good smell.

     3. About ½ kg of Vitamin C or Vitamin A.

     4. About ⅛ kg of Iron.

Below are the steps on how to produce custard powder;

     1. You need to open the 25kg of the edible cornstarch and then pour a little into a smaller plastic for premixing.

     2. After that add flavor, the vitamin(s) and iron and then mix thoroughly.

     3. After that then pour the remaining cornstarch into a bigger plastic bowl/drum/tank/

     4. You have to pour the premixed content into the big plastic bowl/drum/tank/and then mix everything together. Try and ensure that there are no lumps.

     5. Once you have attain homogeneity by means of thorough mix, then the process of packaging begins.

Some of the major strategies for success

     1. The price: Try and ensure that your price is friendly for easy market penetration.

     2. The quality: Make sure you take your time to produce a good quality custard powder.

     3. The packaging: Make sure you pack the custard powder in a well-labeled container.

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