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Starting a waste recycling business in Nigeria is very profitable. This particular business is all about collecting and converting useful waste into a new materials or products in order to prevent potential waste or use as a supplement in the production of new fresh materials or products.

The question now is why is it important to recycle waste?

       1. It helps in the area of creating Job opportunities: Actually recycling has created job opportunities in the country.

       2. It has helped to save natural resources: When old materials are been recycled, the fresh raw materials that would have been gotten from mining and extraction will be saved. Also recycling really helps to conserve raw materials and natural habitats for the future.

       3. The recycling of waste has help to reduce the effects of global warming.

      4. Recycling has helped to reduce pollution: Actually waste from industries is really the main cause of all kinds of pollution. The industrial wastes that are recycled have contributed to the cut down of high levels of pollution leading to the production of fresh product.

      5. Recycling has actually helped to protect our environment. For instance papers can be produce instead of cutting down trees to produce papers.

     6. Recycling has helped to promote the judicious use of resources.  It has actually prevented the extravagant use of any raw material when available in abundance.

     7. Recycling has also reduces the importation of raw materials. It has reduced the importation of raw materials, recycled materials are now available within the country for use.

Furthermore, a lot of Nigerians actually thinks that waste recycling business involves setting up a company and buying machines, this is not 100% true. Waste recycling business offers opportunities for anyone who wants to make money without even spending a dime or setting up a company. The business is all about sourcing for useful waste and you get paid handsomely by recycling companies. This particular business involves a long chain of command. In Nigeria there is a lot dump sites were you will see workers selecting useful waste for recycling, a lot of people come to buy these useful waste and resell them to recycling companies. You can make about #50,000 to #100,000 in a day from this business.

Waste recycling business is really a large and vast business. The following are the most profitable waste recycling business ideas in Nigeria to make money from; Cables, Plastic products, Metal Scrap, Wood, Batteries, Wire, Rubber, Aluminum, Different kinds of paper, Small electronic equipment, Computer Keyboards, Cellular phones, Laptops and Desktops, Electronics, Plastic water bottle, Glass, etc.

Steps on how to start a waste recycling business in Nigeria

     1. You need to make a proper decision: Actually waste recycling business is of 3 categories which are the sorter, the middleman and then the recycling company itself. You really need to make a proper decision on what you want to do.

     2. The Capital for the business: For the category of the sorter you will really need little capital to gain access to a dump site. Although there are some dump site where the entry is free. For the middleman category you may need about #100,000 – #1,000,000. This capital is needed to buy useful waste in tons from the sorters.

The mode of operation

The Sorter category: The job of the sorter is to go around the streets and dump sites to collect useful waste products. In other to carry out this task you must possess a high level of energy.

The Middleman category: There is no much hard work in this category, all you need to do is to buy the useful waste in tons from the sorter and then resell directly to recycling companies.

The waste recycling Company: The waste recycling company collects the waste and then converts them into new products or as supplements in the production of new products.

The following are what a recycling company needs in other to carry out is operation successfully; Waste sorting machine, Biomass Carbonization machine, Waste plastic recycling plant, Waste plastic pyrolysis plant, Carbon black processing plant, Waste distillation plant, Operational license, A location far from residential areas to carry out operations, Trucks, lastly Employees. 

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