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In the world today biscuits are the most commonly consumed form of snacks. The word biscuits are actually used for a variety of primarily flour-based products. Biscuit is just a wheat based product that contains the common nutrients that are needed to keep the body very healthy and strong. Biscuits are easily digested and they can also be preserved for a considerable length of time.

Furthermore, biscuit production business in Nigeria is very profitable. A country like Nigeria that has a population of over 180 million people is really a good place for production and marketing of biscuit products of different types, tastes and sizes. Without been told the industry is worth over hundred billion naira and can turn an investor’s fortune around.

The following are the opportunities in Biscuit production business in Nigeria;

       1. The industry can create job for the unemployed.

       2. The industry can improve the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

       3. Biscuit production in Nigeria has really served as a source of food to many Nigerians.

Furthermore, the following are the equipment and materials needed for biscuit production business in Nigeria;

       1. A Biscuit dough mixer is needed.

       2. A Rotary Biscuit molder is needed.

       3. A 2 in 1 Rotary Oven is needed.

       4. Racks (stainless steel) are needed.

       5. An Auto Biscuit wrapper is needed.

Below are the ingredients and the quantity required for Biscuit production business in Nigeria.

       1. 80 cubes of sugar.

       2. 100g of flour.

       3. Some amount of Egg yokes.

       4. 100g of butter.

       5. Some amount of salt to taste.

The following are the steps on how to produce Biscuit in Nigeria.

       1. Start by kneading the sugar, butter and yokes of eggs very well.

       2. You need to add flour and flouring roll out.

       3. Then cut into desired shapes.

       4.  After that put it in the oven for about twenty minutes.

       5. Then bake and allow it to cook very well.

       6. Finally package them and sell them.

The following are how to succeed in biscuit production business in Nigeria.

       1. The quality of your product: One of the first things you really need to consider is the quality of your product. Without been told the market is already saturated. You need to make sure your product has the qualities others don’t have, this will actually make consumers respond to your product.

      2. The price: Without been told a good price will bring customers to you. One of the factors that determine price is the quality and quantity of your product.

      3. Promotion and marketing: Promotion and marketing is all about pushing the product into the market. You can actually do this by visiting shops, markets and supply the products there.

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