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A lot of Nigerians don’t actually know that they can produce their own powder detergent from the comfort of their home. The production of powder detergent is not as complicated as you think, all you just need is the right formulas to kick start the production.
On this article i will be giving 2 simple and cost-effective ways to produce your own detergent powder here in Nigeria from the comfort of your home. You can even produce and sell it here in Nigeria.

Steps on how to produce powder detergent in Nigeria

The First Method

         1. An amount of color that you desire.

         2. ¼ kg of Ammonia solution.

         3.  4 cups of Palm kernel oil.

         4. 2½ kg of Caustic soda.

         5. ½ kg of Hydrogen peroxide.

        6. 1½ kg of Soda ash (light).

        7. A desired amount of perfume.

Furthermore, the following are the step by step on how to produce powder detergent in Nigeria.

         1. Start by pouring the ammonia solution into a bowl.

        2. Then pour the palm kernel oil and stir.

        3. Then pour the caustic soda into the same bowl and stir.

        4. After that add the hydrogen peroxide and stir properly.

        5. Also add the soda ash and mix properly.

        6. You need to allow the solution for some time.

        7. Then add color.

        8. After that add perfume.

        9. Make sure you mix all together properly.

        10. Then dry it under the sun.

        11. You can now grind it into powder.

        12. Lastly, package it and sell it.

The second method

          1. 1kg of Soda Ash (light).

         2. 1/8 kg of Baking soda.

         3.  A desired amount of Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

         4.  A desired amount of liquid fragrance.

Steps on how to produce powder detergent in Nigeria

          1. Start by pouring the soda ash into a bowl.

          2. Then add the baking soda.

          3. After that add the SLS (powder). The SLS acts as the foaming agent. You can pour in any quantity you like.

         4. Then add the liquid fragrance.

         5.  Lastly, stir and blend.

Furthermore, the soda ash is of 2 types which are the dense one and the light one.

Some of the strategies for success

        1. The branding of the product: Make sure you create and build a reputable brand. The truth is that they are many detergent products out there, but a lot of them are not known because they don’t have a reputable brand.

       2. Promotion and marketing: Promotion and marketing is very vital to the growth and sustenance of the business.

       3. The price: Just make sure the price of the product is really attractive to lure customers, this will in turn increase your customer base and also your market share. Also don’t forget that you are entering into a market that is already dominated by the big players. Just make sure you implement a low production cost strategy in order to fix a reasonable selling price that you will make profits from.

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