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Starch production is gotten from juicy cassava which is normally used in laundry and the treatment of fabrics. Actually laundry starch has been on for several years, it is just only recently the cold water starch emerge. There are different types of starch found in the market, which are packaged spray starch and the dry powder starch prepared with hot water.

Furthermore, this cold water starch is a new innovation that allows people to use it on fabrics without needing hot water. if you want to use it all you need to do is to add the amount of starch you really need in a proportionate amount of water either cold or hot, then wait for a little for the starch to really dissolve and then stir it to mix very well, after that then put the fabric or cloth you wish to starch and then dry the fabric or cloth.
Without been told cold water starch is really a lucrative business and it is expanding year by year, one of the best parts is that it is not capital intensive.

The following are the production process for 5liters of cold water starch;

      1. About 2kg of cassava. This is the major ingredients.

      2. About ½ kg of PVA. For elasticity.

      3. About 5 liters of water. Act as solvent.

      4. Fragrance. Act as Scent.

-         - You have to mix the cassava with warm water and then allow it to dissolve properly.

-         - Make sure you allow it to cool down.

-         - Then add PVA and stir it properly, also you can dissolve the PVA in a liter of separate water before pouring it into the solution one.

-         - Lastly add fragrance and the starch is ready for packaging.

Furthermore, the following are the ways on how to extract starch from cassava;

       1. Purchase good freshly harvested cassava tubers and then peel it.

       2. Make sure you rinse it with cold water.

      3. Then cut it into small pieces and blend it.

      4. After that separate the chaff from the cassava blend. Make sure you rinse it with clean water till the chaff has been washed off.

      5. You can leave the starch for at least three hours for settling.

      6. You can then decant the clean water and have your starch.

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