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Importation business is really a profitable business in Nigeria. Importation business is all about sourcing for quality good products from wholesalers at cheap rates and then re-sells it back to consumers at a higher rate. After reselling the difference you get after every successful sale is your profit. Actually before now importation business in Nigeria was not really a lucrative business because middlemen were present at that time. During that period if any sells is made the profits that is realized were just too little.
Furthermore, with the advent of the internet today everything has been made easier. Many Entrepreneurs can now directly source for goods themselves from suppliers in any countries of the world and get their goods shipped directly to their residential or commercial address anywhere in Nigeria.

The reason why importation business is a profitable business

If you sources for products or goods from the suppliers you will get them at a cheaper rates. You will sell these products or goods to the consumers in Nigeria and huge profits will be realized from the trade.
The following are challenges involved in importation business in Nigeria;

        1. Is not all products or goods that can actually be imported into Nigeria as some are banned.

       2. You can mistakenly run into the hands of scammers if you are not careful.

       3. Sometimes it really takes a longer period for products or goods to be shipped to Nigeria, although this depends on which company ships your products or goods.

      4. Most times the products or goods may be shipped to the wrong locations.

Furthermore, the following are what you need to start importation business in Nigeria;

      1. You need a valid e-mail address.

      2. You need a phone or computer that has internet (you must know how to surf the internet as well).

      3. Your home or office address must be very easy to locate for goods to be shipped to.

      4. You also need a bank account with a little start-up capital.

      5. You must also have a Master Debit Card enabled for online payments.

Steps on how to start importation business here in Nigeria

Before you actually think of venturing into importation business you need to specify your area or product of interest. You need to think about your target customers and also how desirable the product is to them. After all these then find where to purchase your products or goods. Another major thing you need to know about importation business is where you can source for products or goods. You can really buy products or goods at cheap prices from China suppliers from top online e-commerce stores such as;

        1. I-pmart: This is the website http://www.ipmart.com.my/main/index.php

        2. Alibaba: This is the website https://www.alibaba.com/

        3. DHgate: This is the website https://www.dhgate.com/

        4. Aliexpress: This is the website https://www.aliexpress.com/

How to make payment: Here in Nigeria you can easily use your local naira debit master card to make payments for products or goods. Another method of payment you can use is through PayPal which is an international web pay tool that is use all around the world today.
Furthermore, the above mentioned e-commerce store are really doing a good job to make sure you don’t pay for what you don’t get. The following is what will happen if you place an order for products or goods on DHgate e-commerce store;

       1. The buyer places an order.

       2. The buyer pays directly to DHgate website and not yet to the supplier.

       3. The supplier will then send the products or goods to the buyer.

       4. The buyer checks the package to really know whether it is exactly what he or she ordered for and if satisfied with the products or goods.

       5. DHgate will then now pay the supplier.

The delivery of goods: In the area of delivering free shipping is offered through China mail air Post or Hong Kong Mail services, although the issue is that it may take a longer time for the products or goods to be delivered here in Nigeria. If you actually want quick delivery of goods, there are other options you can choose which are FedEx, DHL, EMS. Just make sure you include your mobile phone number so that you can be easily located.

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