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Producing Balm in Nigeria is really a profitable business because it is well demanded in our Nigerian market. This product can actually be used for many purposes and the categories are lip balm, relief balm and so on. Balm can be used as a cure for back pain, aches and strains, cold and congestion, tension headaches, neck and shoulder tension, and joint pain.  Most homes in Nigeria use it as massage oils, fungus remover, antiseptic for wounds, bath oil, and furniture or machinery lubricant. In Nigeria, the major seasons that witness the much use of Balm are the rainy season and the harmattan season.

Furthermore, the following are the ingredients needed to produce Balm;

         1.  ½ kg of paraffin oil. This act as lubricant.

         2. ¼ kg  of petroleum gel. For skin treatment.

        3. Thumb size of Beeswax.

        4. ½ tbs or 2 balls of Industrial camphor. Helps to treats infection, and also to relieves pain and body itching.

        5. 2 tbs (spoons) of peppermint.

       6. 2 -3 tbs of eucalyptus salt. Act as an Antimicrobial cold reliever.

       7. 4 -6 tbs of menthol. Helps to cleanse the lungs.

The following are the steps on how to produce balm here in Nigeria;

        1. Start by putting an empty dry metal pot on heat.

        2. Then you have to pour in the petroleum gel and allow it to melt.

        3. Then you need to pour in the paraffin oil and stir.

        4. After that pour in the beeswax and allow it to melt and then stir.

        5. You have to reduce the heat intensity and then add menthol and also stir.

       6. After that add eucalyptus salt and stir.

        7. After that bring it down and allow it to cool for a bit.

        8. You can now package it and then sell it.

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