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A lot of people in Nigeria actually like or want their homes to smell good. If you are looking for a way to make cool money in Nigeria, producing liquid air freshener is one of the easiest ways to make money here in Nigeria. Without been told this liquid air freshener can be used in cars, home and offices, which simply means the market is really open for anybody who actually want to make good money here in Nigeria.

The strategies for a successful product

       1. The price of that particular product: Actually the price of your product is what is going to help you to gain market share. Make sure you set a reasonable price so as not to scare your potential customers away.

      2. The marketing of the product: For this kind of product, direct marketing can be done. This particular product can be shown to people in their homes and offices etc.

      3. The product quality: The truth is that quality speaks for itself, any product that is of good quality is always remembered and the customers will always want to come back for the product.

Furthermore, the following are the production process for liquid air freshener in Nigeria;

       1. About 80-85% of deionized water or ethanol. A solvent.

       2. About 0.3-0.5% of sodium laural sulfate. An emulsifier.

       3. 5-10% of Glycerline or propylene Glycol.

       4. 0.1-0.2% of Boric Acidor Methyl paraben. For preservation.

       5. 5% of fragrance (Ambipur, Lemon or lavender). Use as perfume or scent.

The following are the procedure to produce liquid air freshener here in Nigeria;

       1. You need to start by pouring the solvent (water or ethanol) into the mixer (bowl) or tank.

       2. Then add the emulsifier and blend it together.

       3. Then add extender and mix.

       4. Finally add perfume, the preservative and then stir until you hit homogeneity.

The place to source for raw materials

If you are actually living in Lagos, you can get your raw materials at oshodi, ojota, and ilasa maja. If you are living in or close to Anambra state, you can get your raw materials at Nkpor in Onitsha. For those living in or close to Rivers state, you can get your raw materials at Diobu in Port Harcourt. For those living in the Northern part, you can get your raw material at Abuja, Kaduna and Kano.

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