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On this post we are going to look at the easy ways you can produce hair relaxer here in Nigeria. Without been told hair relaxer conditions hair for a good look. The following are the ingredients and the procedure to make hair relaxer cream here in Nigeria;

      1. About 25 liters of distilled water.

      2. 1 Litre of Paraffin oil.

      3. ½ Litre of Propylene Dicol.

      4. ½ Litre of Diquat A.

      5. ½ kg of Cetyl alcohol.

      6. ½ kg of Sodium Laneth 40 maleate.

      7.   ½ kg of Steric acid.

      8. A desirable amount of color.

      9.  A desirable amount Fragrance.

Furthermore, the following are the steps on how to produce or make hair relaxer in Nigeria;

      1. First you need to put a large metal pan and apply heat.

      2. Then add paraffin oil.

      3. You need to add sodium laneth 40 maleate.

      4. And then add Propylene dicol and stir.

      5. Also add the cetyl alcohol and stir.

      6. Then add diquat A and stir.

      7. After that add steric acid and stir.

      8. After that pour in the distilled water and stir properly.

      9. After that add color and fragrance and stir.

     10. Lastly, package it for personal use or for sale.

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