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Shampoo is actually a liquid used to remove sebum from the hair and scalp. Without been told sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. Shampoo is actually among the hair care products which come in form of viscous liquids and opaque pastes. They are also like detergents that foam in water and they can be easily washed off from the hair and scalp. Shampoos are used in most hairdressing saloons and homes. The following are the properties of a good shampoo;

        1. The shampoo must have a pH of 5.5.

       2. The shampoo must be easy to rinse off.

       3. The shampoo must give a rich foaming lather in water.

       4. The shampoo must have a long shelf life.

       5. The shampoo must cleanse the hair.

Furthermore, the same pattern and procedure used for the production of liquid soap can also be used to produce shampoo. The only little difference is that you don’t add sulphonic acid and caustic soda. But soda ash can be used instead.

The following are the raw materials that can be used to produce about 10 liters of shampoo;

        1. 8 liters of water.

       2. 1/8 kg of natrosol. This ingredients act as a thickener.

       3. 1/16 kg of Soda ash. This ingredient is a cleansing agent.

       4. A reasonable amount of texapon. This is a foaming agent.

       5. 1- 2 tbs of sodium laurate sulfate.

       6.  A little perfume.

       7. A little color.

       8. A reasonable amount of foam Booster. This ingredient helps to increases the foam.

      9.  A little formalin. This ingredient helps for preservation.

Furthermore, the following are the step by step on how to produce shampoo in Nigeria.

        1. You need about 8 liters of water.

        2. You need to add natrosol into the 8 liters of water and then stir properly.

        3.  You have to pour the soda ash into a separate container with 1 liter of water and then stir.

        4. Also you need to pour a portion into the 8 liters of water containing Natrosol and keep stirring.

        5. You have to pour the Texapon into a separate container with little water and then stir.

        6. You have to pour the SLS in a separate container and then blend.

        7. You have to pour the leftover portion of the dissolved soda ash into the container containing Texapon. Make sure you allow it for about 5 to 10 minutes.

        8. After that pour the solution into the eight liters of water containing soda ash, Natrosol, and then blend.

       9. You can now add foam booster (although is not really necessary).

      10. For the control of dandruff you can add crystal methanol.

       11. Lastly, you can package it for personal use or for sale.

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