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The nature of this business is to actually sell beauty products and cater for customer’s individual beauty needs. These beauty products can also be sold to distributors, in a standalone store or through independent consultants.
Furthermore, on this article you are going to find a good reason of starting a makeup business here in Nigeria. If you actually look at the rising rate of unemployment in the country today, it is very important to learn a skill. Off course everybody cannot become an entrepreneur, but the good of skill acquisition cannot be over emphasized in Nigeria.
In Nigeria starting a makeup business is currently the dream of 6 out of 10 Nigerian young ladies and a few young men. Actually the economic situation in Nigeria has spurred a lot of youth into action.
The truth is that having a degree certificate is no longer enough, as a Nigerian is either one learns a skill or die of poverty. A lot of Nigerians today earn a living by the skill they acquired which now serve as the major and the only source of income.
Makeup is a current trend and the business has a blooming market, there are a lot of many makeup studios as saloons and fashion stores and supermarkets in almost every major Nigerian city and even rural areas.

Venturing into a makeup business might as well mean putting your artistic and creative self to work, if actually you want to survive the competitive crowd.

Steps on how to start a makeup business in Nigeria

Before you think of venturing into the business you need to have the skill. You can acquire the skill by getting trained by a professional or a volunteer.

      1. Get a good location: Make sure your makeup studio is located in an accessible area, where you can actually be seen and reached with ease. Just try and find a good location except you are a freelancer who meets up with clients at designated locations.

      2. The capital required: Base on the fact that you are an already trained professional, you can really start with about #100,000 or less than #100,000 which will be spent on acquiring quality Makeup kits. You don’t really need to own a studio at the inception of the business, you can really work as a freelance makeup artist by rendering home services to your clients. As a freelancer makeup artist, you do not need any staff. Anytime you have a lot of workload, you can just hire a co artist or use your intern if you have any. But if you have more than #100,000 and you fill like running a makeup studio, you will really need to rent a space and fill it up with cosmetics and make up products, you will also need to hire other Makeup artists and you are likely to have interns and volunteers as it is not possible to really run your studio alone. All these may cost you above #500,000 and perhaps #1,000,000 if your studio is located at a high brow area where rents are exorbitant. As a novice try and enroll for professional makeup training at a reputable studio where their skills and ability to teach cannot be disputed.

      3. Some of the basic tools needed: The following are the tools needed; foundations, contouring sets, brushes, Lip balms, powders, lipsticks and lip glosses, wipes, a makeup kit holder. For a makeup studio you will need the above mentioned in more  quantities, a shop, suitable chairs, mirrors, good decor to make your studio look attractive.

      4. The required license: Every entrepreneur in Nigeria need to register with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. Actually this specifically applies to studio owners who really intend to build the brands aggressively. A lot of us take things for granted in Nigeria but registering your business with CAC will boosts the confidence of your clients. A lot Nigerians actually will not want to deal with business that appears illegal and untraceable in the case of fraud. And again your beauty products need to be registered with the National agency for food and drug administration to certified safe for use and consumption.

      5. Promotion and marketing: Every business needs marketing and promotion for it to grow. You really need to advertise your work whether as a freelancer or a studio owner. You can use social media. Social media is basically the most effective means of reaching a lot of people at the same time.

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