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We all know what Dettol (antiseptic disinfectant) is, but for those who don’t actually know what it does, it is an antimicrobial agent that destroys any micro-organisms on living tissue. The reason why we are using the name dettol to describe this product is because it is a popular brand in Nigeria, and it is also a well-known product in Nigeria today. Like I said, Dettol (antiseptic disinfectant) is an antimicrobial agent that really kills micro-organisms. In Nigeria today, this product (Dettol) is really in high demand and you too can take a part of the market share if you start a small scale production.

Some of the strategies for a successful product

      1. The branding of the dettol product: This area cannot be over-emphasized. Actually if you really want to have a successful product you need to have or create a good brand.

     2. The price of the dettol product: Without been told setting a reasonable market price will determine the success of your product in the market. The truth is that high prices will drive away potential customers.

     3. The quality of the dettol product: This product (Dettol) already has goodwill because of its quality, any dettol products that is of inferior quality will drive potential customers away even if the price are reasonable.

     4. The marketing of the dettol product: The truth is that marketing constitutes the major cost of any new product or business at its introductory stage. Marketing is really important for business growth.

Furthermore, the following are the production process of five (5) litters of Dettol;

     1. About ½ liter of Pine oil. This is a disinfectant.
     2. About ⅛ liter of Phenol. This is a disinfectant.
     3.  ¼ liter of texapon. This is a substance that stabilizes an emulsion.
     4. 2 liters of water. Act as a solvent to dissolve other substances.
     5. 2 liters of Ispropyl Alcohol (IPA), also act as a solvent.
     6. Add caramel or dettol color for attractiveness.
     7. ¼ liter of cholroxylenol. This is another active ingredient.

Below are the steps by step on how to produce dettol in Nigeria:
Make sure you follow the under listed steps religious because failure to do so will really give you a different result or maybe dangerous.

1   1. Make sure you mix Phenol, pine oil, and texapon together in a bucket, make sure you stir it very hard to hit uniformity. Please try and use a flat object to stir.

     2. You can add chloroxylenol mix together and then stir up to three to five minutes to avoid separation.

     3. You need to add water to the solution and then stir very hard until it becomes whitish.

     4. You need to also pour IPA into the solution and then stir very hard and then leave it for one to two minutes.

     5.  Lastly add dettol color a bottle cap drop. At this stage the dettol is ready for packaging.

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