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Due to the current situation in Nigeria it is actually better to save costs by going for used vehicles other than brand new. To actually find cars for sale in Nigeria is quite easy. In Nigeria today, there are a lot companies building online market places to sell cars online in Nigeria, making most Nigerians to become a car owner from their bedroom. The truth is that buying a car wasn’t an easy task some years ago in Nigeria. A lot of car buyers had to settle for cars they do not like, currently all these are no more. Today there are now a variety of cars to pick from online. From this article a car seller will learn more about the best place to sell cars in Nigeria quickly to buyers. The following are the best place to sell cars in Nigeria quickly to buyers;

    1.  Sell on Carmart Nigeria: Carmart Nigeria is an online Nigerian car selling website with beauty starting from its name. There website is name is carmart.ng. For those who actually understand what domain really means, this particular company uses .ng to indicate their commitment to Nigerian car sellers. Carmart Nigeria is actually the number one market to sell cars online in Nigeria. Carmart Nigeria is fast becoming a household name in Nigeria, just like every other top company name in Nigeria.

    2. Nairaland forum: Nairaland forum is one of the largest forums in Africa. Actually Nairaland.com is where you ought to be if you really want an online interactive car selling marketplace in Nigeria. Although the only downside is that the forum is not a dedicated platform, which actually makes it lack certain qualities like reliability. Some of the moderators of the forum advise its users to be very careful while dealing with strangers, most especially with the amount of money involved in getting a car. If you actually want to sell car on nairaland forum you need to post the car on ‘Autos.’ Category.

    3. Sell on Cheki: Another best place to sell car in Nigeria is Cheki.com.ng. Cheki.com.ng actually goes beyond just selling cars in Nigeria to offering other services. This company can as well link up buyers and sellers of cars to get spare parts. Selling car on Cheki is very easy. On the website a buyer or a seller can sign up as a Nigerian and as a citizen of other countries. This company really offers extended services. This company can also link up sellers with insurance companies to strike helpful deals. The website actually made it clear that sellers and buyers need to be careful and to use wired transfers or mobile transfers for transactions. Also on the website users are advised to carry out car-test on secure areas for safety, due to the numbers of scammers around.

    4. Sell on Naijautos: From my own little experience Naijauto.com comes second because of its credibility in the online car selling market. Naijautos are not as sharp as Car Mart. The owner of the company has done a lot to promote its company and to attract the minds of car sellers. This company attempts are super, and they have been succeeding. The company is equally taking the markets by storm and they have been offering super services to the public. This company also has an app which now makes the entire online car selling easier for both buyers and sellers.

    5. Sell on Cars45: Without been told Cars45 is really offering something great that I’m yet to find in other platforms. This company offers a kind of services that most sites on this list do not. Some of the services include; Inspection services, valuation, Pre-purchase Inspection, fleet liquidation, etc. Some of these services they offer will really help one as a buyer or as a seller in trade situations. The truth is that there are people who really find it very difficult to inspect or value cars before buying or selling it properly. Just worry less because this is a service that Cars45 offers. One good thing about Cars45 is that all cars on Car45 are certified. You don’t really need to fear about buying car on Car45.

    6. Sell on Jiji: This particular company known as Jiji.ng has been around for some time now in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the following are what you really need to do to really ensure quick sales;

-         - Try and include support for test drive. The truth is that every intending car buyer comes with this in mind. If you actually include this as part of the description, a lot of buyers will be highly attracted to buy the car.

-         - Make sure you are considerate with the price and allow negotiations. If the price is negotiable you will see buyers flooding in. If the car price is high, a lot of car buyers in Nigeria would be forced to avoid opening the ad. Just try and keep it moderate and make it negotiable.

-         - Make sure you involve qualified agents for proper car valuation. Although companies like Cars45 help to ascertain the price of a car by valuing such a car. Most companies do not offer this service. By peradventure if the company in use does not offer the service, you can consider hiring agents or a specialized mechanic to help out.

-         - Try and provide all the needed documents. A document like the car receipt is the sort of document really needed to make things interesting. Make sure you arrange all documents and make photocopies of them. You can also involve a trusted body or agency in the deal to avoid any mess in the future.

-         - Make sure you use high definition cameras to take photos of the Car. The camera quality really matters. If you use blurry cameras, it will not boost potential buyers’ eagerness to make an attempt to open the ad. Make sure you take photos of all angles of the car before posting it online.

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