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In Nigeria today the epileptic power supply in the country has really made it possible for the candle production industry to be viable and appealing. Candle production is just like ice block making business that actually seeks to solve problems experienced in homes, churches and sometimes offices.

The different types of Candle

       1. The tapered candle. This particular one is commonly used.

       2. The decorative candles. Commonly used at homes, night clubs, hotels, also for aesthetic purposes like birthdays, weddings, valentine, etc.

       3. The repellant candles. Commonly used for mosquitoes, insecticides, etc.

Furthermore, below are the raw materials needed to produce candle in Nigeria;

       1. A wick or wool.

       2. The use of wax. Either Petroleum wax or Beewax.

The following are the major equipment that can be used to produce Candle in Nigeria;

       1. A melting pot is needed to melt the wax.

       2.  A stove or charcoal or gas is needed to generate heat.

       3. A candle molding machine is needed to produce about 100 to 200 candles or even more.

      4. A hanger that can be used to hang wick.

      5. Water is also needed.

      6. A packaging table is needed.

      7. A tray to pack candles from mold is also needed.

      8. A packing box is required.

      9. A wick needle is needed.

      10. Lastly, a nylon label.

The machine can be constructed by any experienced fabricator. The candle molding machine can also be customized to suit your taste.

Below are the steps on how to produce candle in Nigeria:

       1. You need to break the wax from its slab form into pieces with a strong object like Hammer and then drop it into the melting pot, then heat it with fire at a low temperature till it becomes liquid.

      2. You have to place the hot liquid wax into the water chamber of the molding machine in other for it to cool, and it should be at least thirty minutes on till it is solidified. And then the water chamber will refer it to the steel pipes where it will now form the candle.

      3. You have to manually eject the candle out. Majority of the machines are 100, 200 mold machines. The bottom-line here is that you can produce as many candlesticks as you wish.

      4. You need to use a tray to collect the formed candle from the mold to the packing table where you can begin the wrappings and labeling.

      5. Finally, you can now pack it into a candle box and sell them.

Some of the strategies for success

        1. The quality of the product produced: Without been told products with good quality are easily penetrable into the market. If your potential customers are really happy with the quality of your products they will keep on coming back to you and your brand will really grow.

       2. The marketing plan: Your products need to be promoted for easy market penetration by locating the wholesalers. You need to look out for distributors in all state of the country.

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