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In Nigeria today hair cream product really has a high and steady demand in the market. The following are the ingredients and the procedures for making hair cream in Nigeria;

     1.  ½ spoon of petroleum jelly. This is for hair treatment.
      2. 1tbs (tablespoon) of Lanolin. This act as moisturizer.
     3. A little amount of Paraffin oil. This also acts as moisturizer.
     4. About 2 ½ tbs of Paraffin wax.
     5. About 2tbs of Menthol or peppermint.
     6. 3tbs of Industrial camphor. This actually for itching and hair growth.
     7. 3tbs of Vitamin E. This act as moisturizer.
     8. 2tbs of glycerine. It helps to prevents breakage.
     9.  Add perfume as much as you desire.
     10. Also add color as much as you desire.

Furthermore, the following are the step by step on to produce or make hair cream in Nigeria;

     1. Start by placing a metal pot on heat.

     2. You need to pour in paraffin oil and petroleum jelly and then allow it to dissolve, you can now blend it together by stirring.

     3. Also add paraffin wax and lanolin and then stir.

     4. You also need to add glycerine and vitamin E and then stir.

     5. After that bring down the metal pot from the heat and then allow it for about three to five minutes.

     6. You can then add menthol or peppermint, industrial camphor, perfume, color and then stir.

    7. You need to allow it to cool properly.

    8. Lastly, you can now package it for personal use or for sale.

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