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4 online businesses that works for Nigerians

Today the internet is not just a platform where you go for video games, and watch movies. There are a lot of different ways to earn decent money online. All you really need to do is to play your cards the right way by doing do right thing, you are then on your way to make some easy money online. On this particular post I will show you how to earn decent money online. On the internet there are over one thousand and one ways you can make easy money online, the following are some of the ways you can make a legitimate income online as a Nigerian; 

      1. Building an Ecommerce website: If you actually want to make money online in Nigeria create an Ecommerce websites. For example if the internet is a physical land, it means website is like real estates. What I am trying to explain here is that if real estate’s are valuable in the physical world, so are websites on the internet. Website is a digital real estate, and it also works the same way real estate’s work in the physical world. Which means building a website on the internet is like creating your own plot of online land. If you actually want to build a website you need a domain name which you can purchase from GoDaddy, and you also need to purchase a hosting plan. You can build the website using wordpress platform. After the installation of wordpress you can fill your websites with whatever you think is sellable. You need to drive traffic to your websites. This website will be loaded with items you want to sale. Building an Ecommerce website will really give you the potential to make money online in Nigeria.

      2. Making money on eBay: If you actually have anything you want to sell, then eBay is the right place for you. You need to actually consider selling your products on eBay. On eBay it really takes some work in building one’s personal reputation. A lot of Nigerians have become rich selling their products on eBay marketplace.

      3. Affiliate marketing business: Another legitimate online business you can start in Nigeria is affiliate marketing. Affiliating marketing is all about helping companies to sell their products or services and get commission on any sales you make. You can review companies products on your website/blog and get commission if any sales are made from your website/blog. There are a lot legitimate companies online you can register with as an affiliate and begin to promote their products and services. Company like clickbank deals on digital products and they offer high commission per sales. In Nigeria, companies like jumia and konga also have affiliate program.

      4. Make money with Google adsense: Google adsense is an online advertising platform where bloggers can simple place Google Ad on their website/blog and earn a decent income from their website/blog traffic. A lot of Nigeria bloggers are really earning a decent income from google adsense. All you need to do is to start a niche blog and drive a lot of traffic to your blog, you are on your way on making a decent income online.

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