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Commercial and domestic goat farming has really played a vital role in the development of agriculture in Nigeria. Some of the Northern parts of Nigeria are really involve in commercial goat farming, without been told goat meat has a high demand in Nigeria. Starting commercial goat farming in Nigeria can be really profitable if it is done in a proper way. In Nigeria there are different types of goat breeds and some of these breeds produce different quality and quantity of hides, meat, milk and fiber. The following are the different types of goat breeds in Nigeria;

    1. The West African dwarf goat: The West African dwarf goat is commonly found in southwest part of Nigeria. The West African dwarf goat meat really has a special taste and they are manly reared for beef. This particular breed is resistance to trypanosome. Trypanosome is a common disease of goat.

     2. The sokoto maradi red goat: The sokoto maradi red goat is commonly found in northwestern part of Nigeria. This particular breed is darkly red in color and it weighs about 20 to 30kg at maturity.

      3. The Borno Sahel goat: The Borno Sahel goat is commonly found in Sahel region of the country. This particular breed is well adapted to long distance trekking for grazing. The Borno Sahel matured goat weigh about 25 to 30kg.  

      4. The Pygmy goat breeds: The Pygmy goats breeds is another small-size type of goats. The Pygmy goat breeds are short and slightly chubby. This particular breed lifespan is about 10 years on average. The Pygmy goat breeds are characterized as very smart animals and can be great pets. This particular breed can easily adapt to different climate conditions.

    5. The Saanen goat breed: The Saanen goat breed is widespread all over the world but they originated from Switzerland. The Saanen goat breed has white coat and large size. The Saanen goat breed matured goat weighs about 75kg. This particular breed can also produce 3 liters of milk a day.  

     6. The Anglo-Nubian goats: The Anglo-Nubian goats came from England. These breeds have different colors, although white and brown dominate. The Anglo-Nubian breed matured goat weighs from 60 to 70 kg. The Anglo-Nubian goats are adaptable to tropical climate.

     7. The Alpine goat: The Alpine goat originated from Alp region, these particular breeds are known for a variety of colors. This breed weighs from 60 to 65 kg. A lot of farmers normally use them for both milk and meat production.

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