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What you are going to learn from this article is how to start a profitable peanut business in Nigeria. Before I move further let us look at some of the reasons why you need to venture into peanut business in Nigeria. Very few people in Nigeria are yet to discover the secret behind peanut business, peanut business is really a profitable business. From my experience a lot people I know that started the business a year ago with just a little amount of money are now supplying the peanut in bags.
Furthermore, this business is really a lucrative business, but a lot of people are not aware. Most people actually think that peanut business is a business for the poor, which is not true. The gospel truth is that most of the businesses that require a little capital to start are often overlooked by many people, they don’t know that this is a business that can turn someone into a millionaire. The following are some of the reasons why peanut business is lucrative in Nigeria and why you need to venture into the business.

     1. A lot of people in Nigeria eats peanut: From my little research, I found out that a lot of people here in Nigeria eats peanut, except those people who are actually battling with acne. Research has actually shown that peanut does not cause pimple, what actually causes pimples are dirt and some blockages of the skin pores.

     2. They are really high in demand: There are some Nigerians who are really addicted to peanut. The high demand of peanut has actually made the peanut business a lucrative business. There are some Nigerians who can eat about #200 peanut in a day and still want more of it.

      3. Peanut business is very easy to start: This particular business is one of the businesses in Nigeria you can easily start even with little capital and make a lot of profits. Peanut business is a business that does not require so much skill to run it. What you actually need to do is to purchase your peanut from the market, then prepare it and sell it to both retailers and wholesalers everywhere.

     4. Peanut business is not capital intensive: Peanut business is business you can even start with just #3,000. You can start this business big or small. All you need to do is to buy your products, then prepare it and sell it to the end-users, either retailers or wholesalers.

Furthermore, from the little research that was carryout about this business, seven hundred and fifty naira (#750) worth of peanut can give you a gain of five hundred naira (#500) in return. A few bags of peanut can actually give you a profit of about #20,000. If you can do it properly most especially on a large-scale, just be rest assured that your profit will be running into a minimum of about fifty thousand naira(#50,000) or even more than that. Now let us look at the steps on how to start peanut business in Nigeria.

     1. Buy your peanut: Purchasing the peanut depends on your financial capacity, you can start with just few cups, or bag. Without been told the size of the business will actually determine how much you will make in the business. For instance if you start the business with 1 bag of peanut, you have to prepare the peanut and then supply it to the retailers. If you want to buy the peanut make sure you don’t go for big seeds or small seeds, go for average seeds, which is not too big and not too small. Make sure the peanut is healthy before you buy them.

     2. Acquire the skill on how to prepare the Peanut: The truth is that preparing peanut is not a rocket science. The first thing to do is to fry the peanut. If the peanut is the type of peanut that you have to peel, then peel it, after that wash the peanut with warm water, then add some salt to it. After adding salt to it then spread it on a flat board, then leave it till the following day. The next thing is to prepare a fire and make sure your pot is ready. You can use cassava flakes inside the pot. Empty the peanut inside the pot and then stir it continuously while on fire, with the flakes until the peanut is ready. Once the peanut is ready just put it down and then shift the flakes from the peanut immediately so that they will not get burned. Just wait for the peanut to cool, and then package it and sell them both in bottles and in waterproof.

     3. Start selling the peanut: As a peanut supplier you have to supply to roadside shops. These roadside shops will then resell to the final consumers. If you actually want to retail the peanut, you have to take the peanut to an open place where there are a lot of people.

Furthermore, this business is really a lucrative and profitable business that can fill your bank account with money.  

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