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On this article we are going to discuss everything about bulk SMS business in Nigeria. We are going to look at the profit potential, how to venture into the business here in Nigeria, some of the things you will need to start the business and finally the profit potential of the business. Without been told bulk SMS is one of the untapped business opportunities in Nigeria. There is really a high demand for bulk SMS services because a lot businesses, banks, churches, schools, offices send messages to a large number of people on a daily basis. One of the easy ways to pass information across to a lot of prospective client or customers all at once is through bulk SMS.
Furthermore, bulk SMS is just a means of sending out massages through the internet to the phones of a large number of organizations or people. Some of these messages sent can be announcements, events, updates, advertisements, meeting notices, etc. This particular business requires a little capital to startup and it is really profitable. The massages that are sent by bulk SMS service to the target audience are duly delivered without stress and even at a low cost. Bulk SMS is one of the best forms for advertising and marketing of business in this present time since everybody has access to a mobile phone.
Below are the steps on how to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria;

     1. Start by creating a user-friendly website for your bulk SMS portal that will serve as a platform for the bulk SMS business. If don’t actually known how to create a website you can employ the services of a website designer and let him have everything put in place.

     2. Carryout a proper research online for a good and reliable SMS wholesaler and then register with them, it is actually from them custom SMS units can be bought.

      3. If you are done with the registration with the wholesaler you can then purchase custom SMS units. Purchasing the units depends on your capital, you can actually start with 1,000 or 10,000 units. After purchasing these units your account will be immediately credited with the number of units bought, and the guidelines on how to start selling will be sent to you immediately.

     4. You need to create awareness about the business by promoting it in all the social media networks.

     5. Try and have a stable contact you can reach out to and also inform them about your bulk SMS business and its advantages.

     6. You need to choose the service provider that is suitable for your bulk SMS business.

The following are the tools you will need to start the business;

-         - You need a laptop or tablet.

-         - Startup capital.

-         - You need a very good internet connection because this business is actually conducted online.

Furthermore, for you to actually succeed in this business it require time, effort and dedication, this business requires no strenuous activity, dedication is actually what you need in other to succeed in the business.  

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