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How to venture into production of germicide (IZAL) in Nigeria

Today most of our environments are really surrounded by different pathogens that can really harm us if care is not taken. These pathogens can produce diseases that can send us to the hospital if proper care is not taken. One of the things that can be used to kill these pathogens found on different surfaces is germicides. In Nigeria today, there are different types of germicides in the market. Learning how to produce germicides can really help you to reduce spending and also even make you your own boss. Venturing into IZAL production is one of the ways to be an entrepreneur. On this article we are going to look at how to produce IZAL here in Nigeria.
Furthermore, IZAL is a germicide that can be use to kill germs which are found on the surfaces of bathroom, floor tiles, kitchen, restaurants etc. Without been told IZAL and some other disinfectants really make our immediate environment safe. IZAL and some other disinfectants are used in schools, hospitals, clinics, offices and they are also used at home.   

Steps on how to make IZAL in Nigeria
The production of IZAL is very economical, the chemicals use for production does not actually cost much. IZAL production does not need a degree or having much experience because it is very easy to make.  Just make sure you follow the step by step instructions on this article and you will be on your way becoming an entrepreneur in your own way. The chemicals use for production is available at any chemical store and they are well known in Nigeria. Just make sure you get these chemicals from trusted stores so that you can have the best mixture. The following are the chemicals that are needed; IZAL concentrate, texapon, Booster, IZAL scent, Lysol, Thickener, Carbolic acid, Pine Oil and Phenol. 
Furthermore, if you actually want to produce 15 liters of IZAL you need ¼ liters of Texapon, IZAL cent, IZAL Concentrate, Carbolic Acid, booster, Phenol, Lysol and about ½ litres of Thickener.

An easy way on how to prepare 15 liters of IZAL
Before you start mixing the chemicals make sure you get some gloves and a nose mask because inhaling some of these chemicals might be hazardous.
     1. You need to get a bowl or bucket that takes 15liters.
     2. Then add the phenol.
     3. After that add the texapon.
     4. Then you need to stir the mixture until it is properly dissolved to avoid lumps.
     5. Also add the pine oil, and keep on stirring it, add the IZAL concentrate as well.
     6. You need to add the IZAL scent.
     7. Also add the booster, and keep on stirring as you add a new chemical.
      8. Then add the Lysol, the carbolic acid and the thickener.
      9. Try and observe the color change and then finally add water.
     10. Make sure you keep on stirring to avoid lumps.
     11. You need to sieve the mixture. You have to do this in order to remove whatever particles that refused to dissolve.
     12. The next thing is to package it on your desired containers and your IZAL is ready. 

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