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On this article I am going to show you how to really setup a software company here in Nigeria. Without been told software is actually an instructions, data or programs made to perform a particular task. Today the world has become a global village, making the demand for software to become high.
Furthermore, every sector of the economy; banking, education, commerce, health, and even medium and small enterprises SMEs really relies on software services and software products to operate efficiently and effectively. Without been told software services and software products all over the world really have a larger market value and it has made provision for millions of job opportunities for people who are tech-savvy. Even at that it is not yet exploited fully here in Nigeria. Starting a software company in Nigeria can be very profitable if it is done in a proper way. What software company actually does is to create and sell and repair software as well as maintaining the software used for instructing, studying, entertaining, analyzing, also the one used to accomplish a number of different tasks. Where software companies really make their gain is through commercial activities like contract services and a charge per transactions, and also license fees, and also from product sales and subscriptions, and also from the repair of system errors, etc. Looking at all this, it simply means that if someone actually starts a software company here in Nigeria, the person will really make a great income, as well as, providing jobs, and technological innovations, which include contributing to the growth and development of the country’s economy. The following are the step by step on how to start a software Company here in Nigeria;

      1. You need to choose your own niche: You have to actually start by choosing the type of software company that you intended to begin as your first step. What you really have to do lies in your options of whether launching a product or launching a service software business. Don’t make any decision until you are sure of having enough experience in your niche. Don’t forget that the software industry is one of the most competitive industries, just make sure that your own service is a good one so that you can have an edge both in the global market and domestic market.

     2. Register the business: Register the software business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Your software business needs to be on a legal structure which is either partnerships, or corporations or sole proprietorship, etc. Although your lawyer can assist you in the area of selecting an option that will suit your business the most.  

     3. Securing capital for the business: This business takes some time to start and is a business that requires capital. In the area of capital you can secure a loan from any commercial banks.

      4. You need to get every important equipment in place: To actually succeed in the daily operations of your software company, try as much as possible to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for the operation. Also make sure that these equipment are the required devices, and applications, as well as, the equipment mainly for software products and software service development. Don’t forget that one of your software business budgets will be to buy equipment both for you and the members of your team. Try as much as possible to make sure that your team has computers, and servers, and data storage devices, and also programming applications, etc.

     5. Get a good location for an office: When getting a space for an office make sure you take into consideration the location of the office and also the size of the office. Try and make sure the location is within and around a business district where there is enough traffic of persons etc. Also don’t forget that your business equipment and members of your staff really need a commensurable office space for the software business. If you actually want to make things easier for you in the area of getting an office space you can even hire an agent in the real estate to help make the process of securing an office space easier.

     6. You really need to hire a team of personnel: Starting a software company also requires hiring a team of personnel that will work in the software company. The software company needs personnel who have the right kind of skills to contribute to the success of the software company no matter the scale of the software company or the size of the software company. Just make sure you employ the right kind of personnel that is an expert in the area of programming, hardware engineering, computer security, project management, office assistance, etc.

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