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If you have been searching online on how to start dropshipping in Nigeria, you just landed on the right post. On this article I am going to show you how to start dropshipping in Nigeria.

 What is dropshipping?
The term dropshipping simply means the selling of products majorly online from a third party (usually from eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc), without necessarily having them in stock. As a dropshipping outlet, you don’t have inventory, or a warehouse, of goods you sell. In dropshipping a merchant creates an online store account where he will puts up some pictures and descriptions of products from a third party online store, and when the customer’s request to purchase some these products, it is the duty of the dropshipper to go ahead and supply the third party outlet with the address of the customer and the required payment for the product, and the third party outlet delivers the product to the customer.
For example if the third party outlet is AliExpress, what you have to do is to purchase the goods for the customer and make the delivery yourself. You don’t actually need to have the goods in stock before you put them on your online outlet, this is actually how dropshipping is different from the traditional retail model.

Furthermore, in dropshipping model, there is additional cash that is added to the price of the product, this is actually the dropshippers profits. Without been told dropshipping is really profitable most especially with the recent growth of online retailing. The following are the advantages of starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria;

      1. Dropshipping business is very easy to start: This business is very easy to start because you are not actually dealing with warehousing and stocking up inventory. What you really need is an online outlet, a supplier, and a product niche, with all these you are good to go.

     2. Dropshipping business is a low capital investment business: This particular business does not actually require much monetary investment to startup. One good thing about this business is that the funds that would have be used to set up warehouses and purchase goods do not come into play when establishing a dropshipping outlet.

     3. The business has low maintenance cost: Since there is actually no inventory, equipment, and a warehouse, which means there is little need for maintenance. The truth is that you can easily run your dropshipping outlet on your laptop from the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, the following are the step by step on how to start a dropshipping business here in Nigeria;

     1. Start by choosing a product niche: To actually start a dropshipping outlet you need to make a decision on the particular products you want to deal on. In this particular business you cannot just start as jack-of-all trades. Make sure you start by carryout an extensive research on marketable products, and also a favorable strategies that is needed to market these products. In the area of choosing your product niche, make sure you pick a product that you are really familiar with, or interested in, also make sure that it is a product you know that will pull the market, a product that is really profitable and with very little competition in the dropshipping industry.

      2. Look for a supplier: Dropshipping cannot exist without a supplier. The truth is that you don’t actually have the goods in stock, you get these goods from the supplier and make your delivery. Which simply means having a supplier is a must when establishing a dropshipping outlet. Don’t forget that you cannot just choose any supplier. You need to choose a trusted outlet in the online retailing industry, one of them is AliExpress. AliExpress has a large stock of goods and their products are relatively cheap compared to other online outlets. Also make sure that on this AliExpress, choose a supplier with at least, a 90% score.

     3. You need to create your online selling platform: One of the most important steps in starting up a dropshipping business here in Nigeria is the creating of your own online selling platform. Your online selling platform is where your customers will come to find products they want. Try and make sure your website is attractive and very easy to use. The truth is that packaging is everything. Don’t forget that no customer will want to make use of your dropshipping services if your website is looking amateurish. By peradventure if you cannot create your dropshipping website by yourself, you can easily order a ready-made dropshipping store customized with products ready for marketing from AliDropship. Also Shopify is another good alternative.

     4. Marketing and promoting the business: For you to actually get patronage you need to market your products. The real truth is that customers will not know about you if you don’t market your business. You can use Social media, like Facebook, and Google merchant to market your products. Another method is to create a Facebook business page and run Facebook ads based on your product niche. You can also use Instagram ads and instagram influencer to promote your products.

Furthermore, if you can put all these logistics in place, a lot of customers will start making purchases from your website.

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