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A guide on how to start palm kernel farm in Nigeria

One of the most profitable agricultural businesses in Nigeria is palm kernel farming. On this article you are going to learn the steps on how to start palm kernel farming in Nigeria. This palm kernel is a reddish liquid substance that is actually used in domestic cooking in most Nigerian homes. The Scientific name is Elaeis guineensis. One of the common varieties in Nigeria is the Tenera, which is erect and bunchy in nature. This particular variety of palm fruit is used mainly for the production of mesocarp oil and palm kernel. Below are the steps on how to start a palm kernel farm in Nigeria.

     1. You need to determine the type of production scale: A lot of farmers has actually make the mistake of not deciding earlier on what type of farming scale they wish to venture into. You really need to be certain about the type of farming scale (either small or large-scale) you would wish to start, this will help you to determine the cost, profit and other miscellaneous items that will ensure a successful business outcome.

      2. Look for a very good land: Without been told to actually establish a farmland the entire farm must be properly surveyed. There are some certain factors that need to be considered when choosing good farmland. The following are the factors that need to be considered; the soil, drainage, topography, climate, location, the history of the land.

     3. You need to source for viable seed: If you actually use a good seed for planting it will ensures genetic and physical purity of the palm kernel. Also it will give the desired plant production. Using a good seed will provide a good root system and also strengthen the plant. It will also ensure that the plant growth is uniform. Without been told good quality seeds provide resistance against disease and pest. The following are the characteristics of good seed; long shelf life, great vigour, large field establishment, high market value, good shape, proper size and color, balanced moisture content for storage, high physical purity, free from pest and disease, high genetic purity, etc.

     4. Capital for financing the farm: Farming business requires a reliable source of capital. This capital will enable you to plan and expand the scope and volume of the production. The following are the several sources of capital; Commercial bank, Co-operative societies, National Directorate of Employment, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private money lenders, Thrift and savings society, Commodity merchant /Traders, Debentures, etc. Farming business really requires capital.

Furthermore, palm kernel farming in Nigeria is really a profitable agricultural business if it is done in a proper way.

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