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The increase in population in Nigeria has actually make pure water production business a profitable business venture. The state government inability to actually provide clean drinking water for is citizens have also made pure water production business a lucrative business. A lot of Nigerians are also afraid of the too much sugar in some of these soft drinks, they rather prefer to drink pure water. Without been told a lot of Nigerians drink pure. There is really a vast market for pure water business in Nigeria. Starting a pure business in Nigeria is really profitable if it is actually done in a proper way. On this article we are going to look at the steps on how to start a pure water production business in Nigeria.

    1. Write a business plan: This particular business plan will contain all the vital information about the business like the financing of the project, how to locate your target market, the marketing strategies to apply, market competition, your unique selling points, the startup and the actual operation costs, your projected earnings, etc.

    2. The pure water production business need to be registered: The pure production business need to be registered with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC) and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). In Nigeria today every business organization, whether it is a sole proprietorship of limited liability company, it must be registered with CAC to ensure accountability. NAFDAC also regulate the production of food, drugs and any drinkable thing in Nigeria. To avoid any embarrassment from any government officials you need to obtain the necessary license to operate. 

    3. Get a good and befitting place for the pure water production factory: Depending on the capital you have, if you actually have enough you can purchase a land to build the factory or you can lease a suitable place that has access to market. Also make sure other facilities are in place like security in the factory, power and access to good road.

    4. Dig a borehole and also install an overhead tank: Sinking a borehole will really ensure uninterrupted water supply. At the time of writing this article the cost of sinking a borehole is about ₦200,000 to ₦600,000.

    5. You need to install distillation system for water purification: Depending on your startup capacity you may decide to install the full scale distillation system or the ultra violet sterilization bulbs process.

    6. Purchase a sealing machine: You need to purchase an automatic sealing machine. This automatic sealing machine comes in different prize. This automatic sealing machine is use for sealing the pure waters.

    7. Purchase the packing materials: Pure water production needs rolls of suitable nylon materials that are printed with the company’s name. You need to purchase this nylon rolls according to the capacity of the business.

    8. Employment of staffs: You need to employ staffs like machine operator, driver, cleaners, packagers, a sales staff, a supervisor and a security man.

    9. Purchase a good truck for distribution: This truck will be use to distribute the pure waters to the prospective customers. 

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