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One of the most lucrative transportation business in Nigeria today is tricycle transportation business popularly called Keke Napep.  This particular business is really making waves in Nigeria. Some parts of Nigeria that is highly populated is dearly in need of this transportation. Anybody that actually ventures into this business will really make decent income in Nigeria.
In Nigeria today, motorcycle which popularly known as okada is becoming obsolete. Motorcycle which popularly known as okada is really getting people involved in dangerous accidents which has end up claiming people’s life. Because of this a lot of Nigerians are really running away from it, pushing their attention to Keke Napep. They now believe that entering Keke Napep is much safer. Despite the fact that the government has taken a bold steps to introduce some transportation systems like BRT in Lagos, trains in different parts of the country and others, a lot of people are still seen in the bus stops in the morning and late evenings still waiting for vehicle to go to their destination. In some parts of Nigeria there are some rural places where commercial buses cannot reach, people living in such places need to trek a very long distance before they can actually board a bus to their business places. In such areas anyone who actually ventures into Keke Napep business will really make a lot of profit. What the person really needs to do is to acquire the necessary knowledge about the business and start making profit from the business.
Furthermore, Keke Napep business is like any other business that also needs good knowledge before you can venture into it, otherwise you will really be a failure in the business line. Below are the steps you really need to undertake if you actually want to start a Keke business here in Nigeria;

     1. Purchase your own Keke Napep: To get started you need to purchase a Keke Napep which you will be using for the transportation business. As at the time of writing this article a new Keke Napep cost about #900,000 (Nine hundred thousand naira).

     2. Purchasing a second-hand clean Keke Napep: If you don’t actually have enough money to purchase a new one considering the prize that is involve, you can go for a fairly used one which can costs about #180,000 to #240,000. Without been told the new one is actually the best but you can still go for the fairly used one if you don’t have enough money.

      3. Going for high purchase: The gospel truth is that is not everyone that actually has the money to purchase a Keke. If you don’t actually have the money you can go for hire purchase. From the time of writing this article the cost for Leasing is about #650,000 which you will be making a weekly payment of about #15,000 for ten months.

     4. You need to register with Keke Napep Business Association: All over Nigeria Keke Napep riders have their association. Once you purchase your Keke you need to register with them as soon as possible. From the time of writing this article the cost of registration is #5,000. Even apart from this registration fee, there is a certain amount of money you need to be paying the association on a daily basis, you have to actually make provision for this payment.

     5. Make sure you don’t neglect the maintenance of the Keke: Without been told one of the things that actually run Keke Napep business down is lack of maintenance. A lot Keke Napep riders will drive their Keke for a very long time without caring to even ask a Keke mechanic to check it for them, one thing they don’t understand is that when there is a regular check on the Keke it will extends the lifespan of the Keke and it will also makes the Keke to consume less fuel. When the carburetor of the Keke is in good order, you can just purchase a fuel of about #1,000 and it will serve you the whole day, but if the carburetor is not in good order, the Keke will consume more fuel. One thing about Keke is that the maintenance is really very cheap and the parts are very easy to find in the market. Try not to neglect the maintenance of the Keke in other to avoid spending more money on repairs.


  1. Where can one purchase the Keke napep in Port Harcourt? Also, is this a good business there? Or, can one purchase in Lagos and have it shipped to Port Harcourt? Thanks

    1. You can visit jiji website for keke napep for sale.


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