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Today the world has become a global village with the advancement of ICT.  Currently there is no school, offices, organization buildings, that is not equipped with different kinds of computers. With these computers, works are less stressful, easier and faster. As time goes on, these computers will begin to face some challenges or even breakdown, which means they need to be repaired. One of the major ways computer repairers make money is when computers are developing faults. The fault from the computer can be a hardware problem or a software problem or even both. And to actually repair this fault cost money.  If you actually consider the numbers of people using computers in Nigeria you will now understand that becoming a computer repairer is really a profitable business. On this article we are going to look at how you can venture into computer repairing business in Nigeria.

     1. Acquire the knowledge and skills: The first thing you need to do is to look for a professional place where you can learn the skills. If you are in Lagos you can try computer village at Ikeja, that place is a major center where you will get professional computer engineers. The fees to learn are not too expensive. It ranges between #15,000 to #20,000, depending on the place you are learning. The most important thing is for you to look for a professional computer engineer to train you very well.

      2. Rent an office in good location: After learning and acquiring the skills, the next thing is to rent an office in a very busy location. If possible you can secure an office close to where they are selling computers. Getting an office close to where they sell computers or where they sell computer parts will really help you to get more customers.

     3. Purchase the necessary equipments and tools:  As a computer repairer you need the following tools and equipments; punch-down tool, wire stripper, crimper, flashlight, part retriever, hex driver, needle-nose pliers, tweezers, flat-head screwdriver, torx screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, etc. There are some other tools you will need. Although you will learn more about these tools from where you acquired the computer repairing skills.

    4. Choose a business name: Try and choose a unique business name, if possible register the name with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC).

    5. Promoting your computer repairing business: Promoting the business will also make you to get more customers. Make sure you print a business card and flyers. You can also write proposals to companies concerning the maintainers and repair of their computers.

Furthermore, with time goes on you can even begin to purchase computers and sell it to your customers who actually want to replace is old computer. This is another source of making money as a computer repairer. Most people actually prefer buying a computer from a good computer repairer.

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